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  • How A Drone Helped Plan Irrigation On A Remote 7,400-Acre Rice Farm In Nigeria

    drone helped plan irrigation By Dana Sanchez, 12:42 pm

    With the help of agricultural drones, Africa can leapfrog into the quickly advancing area of precision agriculture. There’s limited access to roads, electricity and clean water in a sparsely populated area 275 miles from Nigeria’s capital, but the land is ideal for growing rice. A 3,000-hectare, irrigated rice farm is being planned on land leased from the local government. Most African rice cultivation is rain-fed. Lack of irrigation infrastructure is a major obstacle to increase the continent’s rice production. Thanks to a drone survey, researchers saved money that could have broken the project.

  • 13 Cities In Africa With The Lowest Cost Of Living

    cities in Africa with the lowest cost of living By Dana Sanchez, 9:10 pm

    Several cities in Africa rank among the world’s most expensive, reflecting high living costs and high prices of goods for expats. Luanda (No. 1) remains the most costly city in Africa and the world, followed by N’Djamena (No. 10), Victoria (No. 17), and Libreville (No. 30). Below we’ve ranked 13 cities in Africa with the lowest cost of living. South Africa made it onto this list twice. No. 1 on this list — the city in Africa with the lowest cost of living — ranked No. 206 out of 207 countries, only slightly more expensive than Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

  • First Marriott Hotels Planned In 7 African Countries

    First Marriott Hotels planned By Dana Sanchez, 1:34 pm

    Marriott International, already the largest hotel chain in Africa, is continuing to expand on the continent and plans to build its first hotels in seven African countries between now and 2025. In 2014, Marriott acquired South Africa’s Protea hotels. In January, it said it would merge with competitor Starwood in a $12.2 billion deal that will make the U.S.-based corporation the largest hotel chain in the world. The buyout is expected to be complete in mid-2016.

  • South Africa’s Shopping Mall Oversupply Is About To Tip Over

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:19 am

    South Africa’s retail space supply is almost tipping over, but more shopping malls are still coming online. With over 2,000 malls, the country has the seventh highest number of shopping centers in the world, covering over 23 million square meters — more than all the countries in Europe, according to Bloomberg. The big question is whether South African can support any more malls. Mall of Africa is set to open in Johannesburg on Thursday when Attacq Ltd. snips the ribbon.

  • Where Millionaires Live In South Africa: Changing To Small Cities

    millionaires live in south africa By Dana Sanchez, 12:03 am

    Johannesburg is still home to the largest percentage of South African millionaires — 44% — but many Joburg millionaires moved to other parts of the country or out of the country between 2007 and 2015, according to New World Wealth. Smaller cities and towns where millionaire numbers are growing include along South Africa’s Wine Route and Garden Route — hubs of agriculture and tourism.

  • 8 Real Estate Apps Connecting Property Buyers And Sellers In Africa

    Real Estate Apps By Lillian Mutiso, 6:25 am AFKI Original

    The use of technology in Africa is on the rise. In many parts of the continent apps have become a key component of the real estate sector due to the increased use and penetration of mobile phones and internet. These apps have made it possible to search, buy or rent real estate property across the continent, through the internet. It has helped reduce fraud cases that had over the years tarnished the process of purchasing real estate in many African countries.

  • Why African Cities Are Full Of Street Vendors And Hawkers

    By Staff, 9:03 am

    But the troubles of Nairobi’s street vendors are part of a bigger story, which begins with the question why African urban centres have market traders and street vendors – or more broadly, local retail – as their primary economic activity. Africa will need to accommodate almost 900 million new urban dwellers, which is equivalent to what Europe, USA and Japan combined have managed over the past 265 years, data from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation shows.

  • Kenya’s 10 Best Stocks Of The Past 10 Years

    Kenya’s 10 best stocks of the past 10 years By Ryan Hoover, 11:11 am

    Lucky shareholders of the 677-acre Limuru Tea plantation near Nairobi saw the value of their shares rise more than 11-fold this past decade. Rising tea prices didn’t hurt the company’s valuation, but the real impetus behind the stock’s rise is real estate. Limuru’s rolling hills are coveted by property developers. In hindsight, it seems a dreadful decade to have been invested in Kenyan stocks, yet a dozen stocks more than tripled in value. Here’s the NSE’s 10 best performers of the past 10 years.

  • Dangote Shrugs Off #PanamaPapers, Celebrates Birthday Commissioning New Cement Plants

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:49 am

    Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, celebrated his 59th birthday commissioning construction of two cement plant worth $1 billion in Nigeria and shrugged off questions raised about his involvement with some four shell companies registered in Panama. The founder and chairman of Dangote Cement, spent Friday at a ground-breaking ceremony in Okpella and Itori in Edo State, where his company plans to build two plants with a total capacity of 12 million metric ton per annum.

  • Guptas Resign From South African Firms, Take Their Business To Dubai, China

    South Africa bullying banks over closed Gupta accounts By Staff, 1:28 pm

    When the family’s bankers started severing ties, it was the last straw. Ajay Gupta called a meeting Thursday and told senior executives his family was leaving. The family said it believes its forays into the media industry and coal business touched powerful vested interests in both industries who hounded them out. Ajay Gupta came to South Africa in the mid-1990s. He started out selling shoes and computers from his car. The family leaves South Africa after two decades, and will likely focus on their businesses in China, Dubai and India.

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