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  • 10 Zimbabwean Festivals You Should Know About This September

    By Karen Elowitt, 7:47 am

    Zimbabweans do love their festivals, and come September/October, the country positively explodes with music, dance, theater, poetry and crafts. Hundreds of artists descend on Zimbabwe from across Africa and abroad to show off their talents — and show revelers a good time. Here are 10 of the best festivals, with apologies to the many excellent events that did not get included!

  • 15 Of The Best Fishing Trips In Southern Africa

    Fishing Trips In Southern Africa By Lara Moses, 7:00 am

    If you love fly fishing, then Semonkong Lodge in Lesotho is for you. With a selection of brown and rainbow trout in the Maletsunyane River, you can easily spend a whole day on the river banks trying to catch something. There is no fishing allowed between May 1 through Aug. 31, so this is good timing. A strict catch and release policy is in place. Southern Africa has amazing fishing spots, fish species, lodges and companies doing business on two oceans, numerous rivers and lakes. Here are some of the best fishing trips in Southern Africa.

  • Africa Droughts: It’s Time To Start Pumping Untapped Groundwater

    By Staff, 11:41 am

    Despite recent heavy rains, Ethiopia is still reeling from the worst drought to hit the country for half a century, particularly in the livestock-dependent regions of Oromia and Somali. Yet studies (pdf) suggest the country could have billions of cubic metres of untapped groundwater. The story is the same across many parts of Africa, where farmers rely on erratic rains and depleted surface water while potentially vast groundwater reserves go ignored. Africa’s subterranean water amounts to an estimated 660,000 cubic kilometres

  • Why Ad Blocking Is Such A Big Deal In Africa

    ad blocking By Dana Sanchez, 9:42 pm

    Joburg-based mobile provider Econet plans to install ad-blocking by default for 40M subscribers in four African countries, claiming it will save customers data charges. Users will have to opt in. Some in the ad industry aren’t concerned because Shine has few users where it’s already doing business — in the Caribbean. But this is Africa. What Shine does have is the support of carriers. Shine is limited in the U.S. due to net neutrality laws. Data plans are particularly painful for consumers in emerging markets, Shine says. Ad blocking is essential and meaningful there.

  • Fingerprint Technology Expanding In African Mobile Banking

    Fingerprint technology is expanding in African mobile banking By Dana Sanchez, 5:11 pm

    Biometrics have been around for years. African countries have used fingerprint biometrics for voting, but they’re relatively new in the payment space. Fingerprint login already exists in mobile banking in South Africa, Kenya, Benin and Nigeria. London-based bank Standard Chartered plans this year to bring biometric tech to mobile banking in eight African countries. The bank claims this will be a first in most markets, and the largest deployment of fingerprint biometric tech by any international bank.

  • FOREX Africa: Zimbabwe’s Currency Protest Turns Violent

    currency protest By Kevin Mwanza, 1:49 am

    Anti-government protesters in Zimbabwe demonstrating against plans by the country’s central bank to re-introduce local banknotes were on Wednesday forcibly dispersed by police in the capital, Harare. Dozens of protesters marched to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to demand that the financial markets regulator reversed its plans to introduce ‘bond notes’ that will be linked to the U.S. dollar in October to curb rampant shortage of cash

  • 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Zimbabwe

    zimbabwe By Becca Blond, 9:54 am

    Zimbabwe fell off the tourist radar for six or so years between 2001 and 2008, when hyperinflation led to food and fuel shortages. But since then it’s seen an impressive turnaround. Today, roads are newly paved, supermarket shelves are stocked, gas stations don’t run out of fuel, and bars and restaurants are buzzing again. From the wildlife to the music to the history, here are a few things you may not have known about Zimbabwe that may just convince you to visit — NOW.

  • 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Informal Cross-Border Trade In Africa

    cross-border trade in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:13 pm AFKI Original

    Informal cross-border trade is so important for Africa that about 43 percent of Africans are involved in this form of commercial activity in the 19 countries that make up the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. It contributes to economic growth, job creation and food security for the majority of the region’s population. The majority of informal cross border traders are women, and they’re extremely vulnerable.

  • 8 Great Ways To See Victoria Falls

    visit victoria falls By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    The Victoria Falls are spectacular no matter how you look at them, but if you’re gonna see them, you might as well do it in as many ways possible, and in the best manner possible. Here are eight great ways to see Victoria falls, whether you prefer to view them from high above the Earth, or way down below the magical curtain of water, somewhere in between — or all of the above. (We recommend all of the above!)

  • 12 Brexit Implications For Africa That Will Surprise You

    By Keren Mikva, 2:56 pm

    Nine out of the 10 biggest produce exporters to the U.K. are E.U. member countries. Potential changes to E.U. tariffs and the falling value of sterling have forced some retailers to consider sourcing from different countries. U.K. produce importers say they expect to see more produce from Africa. South Africa is already the No. 2 source of fresh fruit to the U.K. after Spain, and Kenya may become a beneficiary of the changing trade patterns.

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