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  • Africa Oil & Gas: South Sudan May Not Be Keen On Kenya’s Pipeline Deal

    pipeline deal By Kevin Mwanza, 8:45 am

    South Sudan may not be keen on an oil pipeline deal with Kenya despite frantic effort from its neighbor to seal an agreement with the Africa’s youngest nation that would see the two nation construct a multi-billion dollar pipeline to the Lamu port. Last week, AFKInsider reported that East Africa’s largest economy was in a race against time to win the full backing of South Sudan for its planned $2.5 billion crude pipeline.

  • FIFA President Infantino Wants More African WC Spots

    FIFA President Infantino By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:52 am

    New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has suggested that Africa should receive two more World Cup qualification spots if his plan to expand the flagship competition from 32 to 40 teams is successful. Swiss UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino was elected as the new FIFA president at the end of February, and began working for world football’s governing body with immediate effect.

  • 8 African Countries Spending The Largest Amounts On Their Military

    Military Intervention By Lillian Mutiso, 5:30 am AFKI Original

    In recent years, African countries have increased spending on their militaries. This is mainly due to the need to fight terrorist organizations and rebel factions that have emerged across most parts of the continent. According to data compiles by SIPRI, while African countries don’t spend much on their militaries compared to developed nation, the ratio of annual budget spent on armies on the continent is among some of the highest in the world.

  • MTN May Shut Down In South Sudan, And It’s Not Alone

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:10 pm

    Africa’s No. 1 mobile services provider MTN has about 1 million subscribers in South Sudan and that’s shrinking. The company invested $170 million there the past two years and said it hasn’t seen a profit. It’s not the only company pulling back or pulling out of South Sudan. SABMiller said it planned to close its brewery in South Sudan due to difficulties securing foreign exchange to buy raw materials. The third biggest crude oil producer in sub-Sahara, South Sudan isn’t just losing companies. People are leaving the country in search of food.

  • Is There A Mo Bank In Africa’s Future? Africa’s Youngest Billionaire Gets Serious

    Tanzania's Richest Man By Dana Sanchez, 2:49 pm

    When U.K-based Barclays announced earlier this month it was selling its Africa business, several stakeholders’ names came up as possible buyers including South Africa’s Public Investment Corporation, Atlas Mara’s Bob Diamond and National Bank of Abu Dhabi. At age 40, Tanzania’s richest man, Mohammed Dewji, has taken on big brands in Africa, pitting his Mo Cola against Coca-Cola, and now he’s got his eye on Barclays Africa.”I’ve been wanting to buy a bank for the last four, five years,” Dewji told CNN. “I’m very interested.”

  • AFCON Qualifying: African Giants Head For Do Or Die Battles

    NFF Accused Oliseh - Super Eagles Nigeria Fans By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:23 am AFKI Original

    The African national teams are currently involved in Gabon 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifying with matches to decide the teams that will progress to the next round of the qualification campaign to take part in the Nations Cup in early 2017. There are many fixtures taking place, with some of Africa’s best national teams involved in the campaign in an effort to earn their ticket to Gabon and a chance to be champions of Africa.

  • 8 Most Loved Sports In Africa

    Most loved sports - World Cup Qualifying Draw By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:42 am AFKI Original

    Africa is a sport mad part of the world, with the people of the African continent enjoying a variety of sports to watch or participate in, whether they are team sports or those practised by individuals. The love of fans on the continent for sports is clear in the passion that they exude when supporting their sports heroes or favourite teams. With this in mind, we take a look at the 8 most loved sports in Africa.

  • Oil & Gas: Uganda’s U-Turn On Regional Oil Pipeline Plan Could Scuttle It

    By Allan Akombo, 6:26 am AFKI Original

    Uncertainty over the construction of a joint crude oil pipeline and refinery by Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda has deepened after Kampala reaffirmed it was pushing on with talks of building its own pipeline through Tanzania. Landlocked Uganda is keen to get a pipeline to the east African coast to ship its crude reserves, estimated at 6.5 billion barrels, at the least possible cost. The east African country discovered crude reserves in its Albertine rift basin in 2006.

  • 8 Etsy Shops Selling Fair Trade And African Products

    By Julia AustinAFKI Original

    DarajaImports has a fusion of African designs, employing African artists that include widows, the physically disabled and young adults orphaned by genocide. Products are made from materials that are sustainable and often recycled. The shop owners work closely with the artists. Etsy is a platform for retailers who make and sell products for a cause. Check out 8 Etsy shops selling fair trade and African products.

  • Opinion: Africa-Wide Railway Network Isn’t Happening

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:57 pm

    Led by China, the surge in demand for commodities — and the accompanying hype — encouraged hopes that Africa’s transport infrastructure would rise fast. Now that commodities and minerals prices are down, the build-build-build mantra seems to be on hold. The Tazara railway connecting landlocked Zambia with Dar es Salaam is still getting China’s support, but other rail projects will need to look elsewhere for funding, a stakeholder said. Tazara is now attracting another type of business — tourism.

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