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  • Challenging Stereotypes, #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou

    By Staff, 12:25 pm

    Africans and members of the African diaspora are using Twitter to challenge stereotypes about the continent with a hashtag that started trending after its June 23 kickoff. A Twitter user asked followers to showcase the beauty of Africa. “I got involved because growing up I was made to feel ashamed of my homeland, with negative images that paint Africa as a desolate continent,” the 22- year-old said.

  • 12 Least Fragile African Countries On The Fragile States Index

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:40 pm AFKI Original

    The annual Fragile States List is out, and it’s not looking good for Africa. With two-thirds of the population under 30, job opportunities have not kept up with population growth in Africa, making it a more fragile place. But we’re looking at the African countries that are doing best — the least fragile, if you will, according to the Fund For Peace.

  • 16 Countries In Africa That Mo Ibrahim Ranks Highest For Good Governance

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:19 pm AFKI Original

    Mo Ibrahim got rich on telecommunications, and he has invested millions in the belief that good governance is more important for African development than anything else. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation rewards African leaders who transfer power democratically and deliver economic development. We’ve listed the 16 top-ranking African countries for governance according to the Ibrahim Index of African Governance.

  • 2017 AFCON Qualifiers: Ghana And Nigeria Victorious

    Nigeria's Odion Ighalo By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:00 am AFKI Original

    The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifying campaign began this past weekend with the first set of matches to decide the teams which will descend on Gabon at the beginning of 2017 to determine Africa’s best national team. AFKSports rounds up the results from the first matchday of AFCON qualifying action.

  • Where’s Nigeria? What People Are Saying About The Tripartite Free Trade Area

    92150195 Kite surfers check out a cargo ship that ran aground near Cape Town, 2009. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty By Dana Sanchez, 1:35 pm

    Just 12 percent of Africa’s trade is between countries on the continent. The newly signed 26-member Tripartite Free Trade Area aims to encourage intra-Africa trade. Three blocs that make up the new free trade area have made some real economic strides, but Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, is not a member of the new deal. Can the Tripartite Free Trade Area live up to the hype?

  • Top 15 Economies In Africa For Intellectual Property Protection

    Remote nomadic Himba tribe member, Namibia. Photo: Education Images/UIG/Getty By Dana Sanchez, 12:58 pm AFKI Original

    On a continent where tech innovation is exploding, intellectual property protection is mostly undeveloped, ineffective and unenforced. African inventors often work in secret, sacrificing peer feedback for fear their ideas will be stolen. The World Economic Forum asked survey respondents, “In your country, how strong is the protection of intellectual property, including anti-counterfeiting measures?” Here are the results: the top 15 countries in Africa for intellectual property protection.

  • Why You Should Care About Africa’s Cape-To-Cairo Tripartite Free Trade Area

    By Staff, 5:58 pm

    Just 12 percent of African countries’ total trade is with each other, but this week in Egypt, the Tripartite Free Trade Area will be signed creating an open market that spans half of Africa. It’s considered by some a “monumental step” toward African unity. Intra-African trade is expected to grow substantially in the free trade area and it sets the stage for an even more for-reaching trade agreement — the proposed continental free trade agreement.

  • 15 Most Competitive Economies In Africa: A Reality Check

    2017 Nations Cup By Dana Sanchez, 5:14 pm AFKI Original

    Despite healthy looking growth rates, African countries are not becoming more competitive. They’re stagnating when it comes to inclusive and sustained growth, according to the World Economic Forum’s African Competitiveness Report, published today at the WEF Africa in Cape Town. Conspicuously missing from this list are Egypt, Nigeria.,Ethiopia, and Mozambique. Here’s a reality check: the 15 most competitive African economies.

  • How To Meet A Lion And Improve Your Chances Of Escaping With Your Life

    By Julia Austin, 3:55 pm AFKI Original

    Safaris come with warnings, but what if you get lost from the group? Whatever you do, don’t run. Running ignites the lion’s predatory instincts. It may be the very thing human evolution has been preparing you to do for just this moment but the lion will probably attack. Usain Bolt, the fastest human alive, can run 27.79 miles an hour. A lion can run 50. Here’s how to meet a lion and improve your chances of escaping with your life.

  • China’s Naval Plans For Djibouti: A Road, A Belt, Or A String Of Pearls?

    Chinese navy F200812301034592526240551 By Staff, 4:11 pm

    Djibouti’s president recently said he’s in high-level talks with Beijing for a Chinese naval military base. Much ado has been made of Xi Jinping’s Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road, known as “one belt and one road.” Beijing went to considerable pains to frame it merely as an economic plan of global proportions. But Djibouti’s recent announcement shows Beijing’s narrative of solely pursuing a strategy of economic diplomacy is perhaps tinted with geopolitical flavors after all.

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