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  • For U.S. Soldiers Based In Djibouti, Africa Is A ‘Leadership Lab’

    U.S. soldiers based in Djibouti By Dana Sanchez, 9:50 pm

    For ambitious young U.S. soldiers seeking leadership, a deployment in Africa is hard to beat. And that means being based in Djibouti. Djibouti’s status as a stable country in an otherwise volatile region is an asset worth millions of dollars in rent. Djibouti enjoys a lucrative role as a landlord. The U.S. pays $63 million a year to rent its base at Camp Lemonnier. China is building a base 8 miles away, and will be paying $100 million for theirs.

  • Mo Ibrahim Says Governance Good In Small African Countries, Big Ones Not So Much

    Mo Ibrahim By Dana Sanchez, 6:28 pm

    Ibrahim got rich on telecommunications, but he has invested millions in good governance. “Power corrupts absolutely,” Ibrahim said. He called for more international outrage over stolen elections. “People are learning how to steal elections because that looks less brutal than saying ‘I’m president for life,'” he said. “There is a limit to how long they can go on stealing elections. More and more of these elections are being subject to the harsh light of … social media.”

  • 18 African Countries To Automate Online Intellectual Property Registration

    automating online IP registration By Staff, 4:45 am

    Many innovations in Africa fail to materialize due to of lack of knowledge about registering intellectual property. Resident applications for patents are low in African countries. In 2014, there were 132 patent applications in Kenya, 14 in Zambia and five in Rwanda compared to over 280,000 in the U.S. and 19,000 in the U.K. The registration of copyright in many African countries has not taken off and this data is not taken into account in economic surveys. Microsoft’a online IP registration system replaces traditional paper-based forms.

  • Seychelles President Surprise Decision To Resign In Oct. Shocks Nation

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:07 am

    Seychelles President James Michel surprise announcement that he plans to leave office next month has shocked many in the Indian Ocean archipelago island and dealt a blow to the ruling party, Parti Lepep, that lost majority for the first time in history in parliament since it came to power in 1977. Michel has been in office since 2004 and took the decision to step down on October 16 after his party lost to the Seychellois Democratic Alliance,

  • 12 African Nations With The Most Obese People

    By Lillian Mutiso, 3:58 am AFKI Original

    Obesity is a health condition where a person has high levels of cholesterol, sugar or salt and insufficient nutrients. Poor dieting regimes, genetics or lack of physical exercises are major causes of the condition. In Africa, obesity has been on the rise in recent years due to a rapidly growing urban population across the continent. The continent accounts for nearly 25 percent of the global population of 41 million children under five years who are obese.

  • After The Honeymoon: Seychelles Economy Vulnerable To External Shocks

    Seychelles Economy By Kurt Davis Jr., 8:24 am AFKI Original

    Seychelles Finance Minister Jean Paul Adam isn’t worried. The African island nation, population 90,000, is a top 10 honeymoon destination. It’s not a major economy or a diverse one, relying on tourism and fisheries. But lack of economic diversity leaves the country vulnerable to external shocks. Brexit, a slowing global economy, and weakening economies in other sub-Saharan countries are creating an unexpected tropical storm for this sunny patch of islands. IMF’s 3%-plus growth forecast for Seychelles may fall to 2.5%.

  • Air Mauritius Sees Fastest Growth In Years, Wants To Be An Asia-Africa Hub

    Air Mauritius By Dana Sanchez, 12:04 pm

    Air Mauritius is a small player in the continental Africa-Asia aviation market – a market dominated by Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and the Gulf airlines. But it has big aspirations to be the hub between Asia and continental Africa. Because Mauritius is an island 1,242 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, everyone arrives by air. Before the airline becomes a hub, it will have to become much bigger, according to an aviation analysis.

  • 8 Of The Most Expensive African Cities For Public Transportation

    African cities for public transportation By Julia Austin, 5:31 pm AFKI Original

    In some of the busiest African cities, a monthly bus pass or taxi fare can be a major expense, eating up nearly 20 percent of personal income. A monthly bus pass in Nigeria costs just shy of $40 and a single five-mile taxi trip costs around $9. Taking the bus into Lagos is noticeably more expensive than taking the bus out of the city. Tickets leaving Lagos can range between $13 to $26, but tickets into Lagos range between $17 and $45.

  • South Africa’s Tsogo Sun Plans A New Casino In Cape Town

    Tsogo Sun By Dana Sanchez, 3:56 pm

    Tsogo Sun has been reluctant to launch in new countries due to uncertainty in gaming legislation. The firm said it generates nearly 90 percent of its hotel and casino revenue from the South African market. Tsogo Sun also has hotels in Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia. Sun International, its chief competitor, has followed a different expansion strategy by focusing on international markets. “Maybe one day when we completely run out of things to do in South Africa,” said Tsogo Sun’s CEO.

  • 12 African Countries Where It’s Easy To Register A Foreign Company

    Foreign company By Lillian Mutiso, 4:47 am AFKI Original

    Africa is known for its vast potential of mineral resources. It is a great investment destination for foreign business organization from across the world. Investors’ desire to do business on the continent depends largely on the ease of company registration with regard to meeting legal and regulatory demands. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, a transparent and smooth registration process woos investors to any nation.

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