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  • Buffett, Blair Back Kagame For Third Presidential Term In Rwanda

    By Dana Sanchez, 10:53 am

    Philanthropists have risk too, and losing Kagame is not a risk U.S. philanthropist Howard Buffet is prepared to take. A permanent resident of South Africa for more than 10 years, Buffett says he’s been to every country in Africa. Kagame brings certainty and stability to Rwanda — things that are very important to investors and aid agencies, Buffett said. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair moderated the discussion at the World Economic Forum. There are no term limits for Britain’s prime ministers. Blair won an unprecedented third term for the Labour party.

  • Rwanda’s Growth In Tech And Tourism May Be The Point At World Economic Forum

    Rwanda's growth in tech and tourism By Dana Sanchez, 9:54 am

    Rwanda has earned a reputation as “Africa’s doer.” It’s the only country whose mountain gorilla population is growing, the country chosen for world’s first drone port, and it’s where 1,500 world business and political leaders are gathered for the 2016 World Economic Forum. For some, it will be their first time in the country. Rwanda plans to build relationships with the visitors and make the most of their presence.

  • World Economic Forum Africa 2016 Is All About Technology And Change

    World Economic Forum Africa 2016 By Staff, 12:03 am

    The theme for this year’s forum is “Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation.” It will focus on digital economy catalysts likely to provide radical structural transformation and enhance public-private engagement. “There is widespread agreement that Africa needs to craft new approaches to trigger structural transformation,” the forum said. Co-chairing the event are Tony O. Elumelu, chairman of Heirs Holding; Graça Machel, widow of Nelson Mandela; and Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, president of African Development Bank.

  • First Marriott Hotels Planned In 7 African Countries

    First Marriott Hotels planned By Dana Sanchez, 1:34 pm

    Marriott International, already the largest hotel chain in Africa, is continuing to expand on the continent and plans to build its first hotels in seven African countries between now and 2025. In 2014, Marriott acquired South Africa’s Protea hotels. In January, it said it would merge with competitor Starwood in a $12.2 billion deal that will make the U.S.-based corporation the largest hotel chain in the world. The buyout is expected to be complete in mid-2016.

  • African Life Expectancy Rising: Governments Must Be Doing Something Right

    African Life Expectancy Rising By Dana Sanchez, 10:54 am

    Investment in HIV/AIDS treatment is paying off. From 2000 to 2015, all sub-Saharan African countries saw life expectancy rise. Seven African countries are notable for their health care systems. This provides an upbeat alternative to the gloom of the Africa falling narrative that questions the growth of Africa’s much-hyped rising middle class and charges African leaders with poor governance.

  • Ethiopia And Nigeria Drive Beer Consumption As Heineken Competes With Traditional Homebrews

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:34 pm

    First quarter results from the world’s third largest brewery, Heineken, show Nigerians are consuming more beer than a year ago despite hard times — or because of them. Results for Guinness, Nigeria’s No. 2 brewer, tell a different story. Guinness Nigeria’s stock is down 42 percent since the beginning of 2015. Heineken the No. 1 beer maker, saw its stock fall 36 percent in the same period. Consumers are turning from traditional home brews to competing products made by multinationals.

  • Could Worst Yellow Fever Outbreak In Three Decades Hurt Tourism In Africa?

    By Kevin Mwanza, 10:17 am

    An outbreak of yellow fever that started in Angola in December has spread to at least 16 other countries threatening to hurt travel business in Africa the way the Ebola virus in West Africa did a few years ago. This is the worst yellow fever outbreak recorded in over 30 years and has already killed 238 people and affected thousands others in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Angola, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Demand Strongest In 8 Years For Airline Passenger Connectivity

    By Dana Sanchez, 7:31 pm

    Seven of the 10 fastest-growing air passenger markets over the next 20 years are expected to be in Africa. African aviation accounts for more than 70 million passengers a year. Infrastructure and safety are the industry’s two biggest challenges. Infrastructure is improving as new airports are commissioned and Africa’s aircraft fleet gets younger. Safety seems to be improving too.

  • FIFA President Infantino Wants More African WC Spots

    FIFA President Infantino By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:52 am

    New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has suggested that Africa should receive two more World Cup qualification spots if his plan to expand the flagship competition from 32 to 40 teams is successful. Swiss UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino was elected as the new FIFA president at the end of February, and began working for world football’s governing body with immediate effect.

  • Ethiopian Airlines To Serve Newark Airport Rather Than New York

    Ethiopian Airlines to serve Newark Airport By Dana Sanchez, 12:03 am

    Ethiopian has served Newark in the past but suspended service in 2004 in order to serve Washington Dulles International Airport instead. Ethiopian said it would resume service to the New York metropolitan area. The service will allow passengers to connect between Newark and many cities throughout Africa, according to Ethiopian Airlines. Newark will become Ethiopian’s 93rd international gateway and its fourth gateway in North America. Ethiopian says it has had average annual growth of 25 percent the past seven years.

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