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  • Where Is The Wealth? Africa Rising Economies Leave Many In Poverty

    Africa Rising By Kevin Mwanza, 6:39 am

    Over the last decade many African economies have posted world beating growth rates mainly on the back of a commodity-led boom, but a new report shows that the Africa rising narative did little to improve the prosperity of people living on the continent. The report by London-based think-tank Legatum Institute ranks African countries according to both wealth and wellbeing, which it calls “prosperity”. It defines prosperity according to a combination of 89 variables spanning eight categories, from entrepreneurship to health and education.

  • Egypt’s “Dogs And Slaves” Slur At UNEP Conference Causes Uproar Across Africa

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:38 am

    An Egyptian delegation to a recent United Nations Environment Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya, has been asked to apologize for comments made by the head of the north African nation’s delegation that referred to other African delegates as “dogs and slaves”. The off the cuff comments by Egypt’s environment minister, Khaled Mohamed Fahmy Abdel Aal, threatens to cause a major rift within Africa.

  • Does Mauritius Deserve Reputation Best Doing Business In Africa?

    Does Mauritius Deserve Reputation By Dana Sanchez, 3:29 pm

    As of 2016, Mauritius has the highest per capita GDP in Africa, with 5.7 percent growth predicted in 2016-2017. Its stock exchange is widely regarded as one of the best in Africa for a country of 1.2 million. There’s an entire business strategy known as “the Mauritius Route” used by investors as a conduit to connect them to Indian markets. In fact, 39.6 percent of foreign direct investment to India between 2001 and 2011 made its way via Mauritius. However, this money does not pass through Mauritius in a vacuum.

  • 13 Most Innovative Countries In Africa

    Foreign company By Dana Sanchez

    You won’t find an African country among the world’s top 25 performers for innovation, but several low-income African countries are outperforming their peers based on GDP, earning the designation “innovation achievers.” Co-published by Cornell University, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and A.T. Kearney, the Global Innovation Index goes beyond traditional measures of innovation such as research and development.

  • 52 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance. Most Are In Africa

    countries ranked for marijuana tolerance By Dana Sanchez

    African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African traditions, economies and recreation. It is an important source of income, but is illegal everywhere in Africa. Tolerance and enforcement vary from country to country. There’s a growing belief that with the proper regulations, marijuana should be legalized for the greater good. AFKInsider compiled a list of African countries and ranked them for marijuana tolerance. We’ve also provided a list of most marijuana-friendly countries in the world as a basis for comparison.

  • 8 Fastest Growing Economies In Africa In 2016

    Africa's fastest growing economies By Lillian Mutiso, 5:41 am AFKI Original

    African economies have experienced high growth in recent years as the continent continues to attract investors due to its vast natural resources. Infrastructural and technological developments have also opened up the continent to the rest of the world. Despite a recent slowdown in some economies, including Nigeria and South Africa, due to a commodities price slump globally, African countries are still among the fastest growing economies in the world in 2016.

  • 7 Things You Should Know About The World Economic Forum On Africa

    World Economic Forum By Lillian Mutiso, 6:22 am AFKI Original

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) was founded in 1971 in Geneva, Switzerland, with emphasis on the European countries. It has expanded over the years to include other countries in the world. It aims to promote partnerships between the government and private sector for inclusive growth and sustainable development in Africa and globally. The 26th edition of the WEF on Africa ended on Thursday, May 13 2016, in Kigali, Rwanda. The Kigali event it attracted participants from across Africa and global leaders

  • Opinion: Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum Just Perpetuates Myths

    Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum By Staff, 5:56 pm

    There is widespread social resistance under way in Africa. Grassroots protesters are questioning the logic of export-led “growth” and fiscal austerity. They are demanding that their basic needs be met instead. After the dramatic Arab Spring, protesters picked up the pace in many sub-Saharan countries. Even if it is ignored in Kigali, or repressed on the ground, the popular risings against the WEF’s dubious “Africa Rising” rhetoric await…

  • World Economic Forum: What’s Next For AGOA And U.S.-Africa Trade?

    What's Next For AGOA By Dana Sanchez, 2:20 pm

    Many in the U.S. are tired of one-way trade preferences to Africa without reciprocal access for U.S. goods. “It’s time to start looking at what comes next,” said the U.S. Trade Representative at the World Economic Forum. Regional integration could play a role. “Part of what motivates us is that we are hearing from Africans that they want to move towards a more permanent, reciprocal kind of relationship.” South Africa risked losing its AGOA benefits over U.S. chicken, which finally hit SA shelves for the first time in 15 years.

  • ‘A Lot Like Uber’: UPS To Test Drones For Deliveries In Africa

    UPS To Test Drones By Dana Sanchez, 12:53 pm

    UPS’s drone plan in Rwanda is seen as an aggressive move in logistics. Amazon and other competitors also are developing drones to cut costs for shipping and package delivery. If all goes well, ordering drone delivery could work “a lot like Uber,” said the CEO of U.S. robotics firm Zipline. Except that Zipline works with any mobile phone, not just smartphones. Rwanda’s uncrowded airspace is ideal for the pilot project. Just don’t expect it in the U.S. anytime soon.

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