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  • 8 African National Team Coaching Changes In 2016

    African National Team By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:50 am AFKI Original

    Coaching is a rough gig. The pressure is always high, and with national teams in Africa the changes seem to ring all too often. The consistent pressure at the top means that African national team coaches are often sacked or forced to resign, and this year has been no different. We look at 8 of the national team coaching changes that have taken place so far this year.

    We look at 8 of the national team coaching changes that have taken place so far this year.

  • The Heart And Soul Of Meknes, Morocco: A Photo Essay

    meknes By Staff, 3:29 am

    New York City-based photographer Matt Dutile recently returned from Morocco, where he spent several weeks traveling the country and taking photos of the people, places and food. In this photo essay he roams from markets to madrasas to metalsmiths in search of the heart and soul of the city of Meknes.

  • 8 Stunning Hotels For A Picturesque Wedding In Morocco

    wedding in Morocco By Julia Austin, 9:03 am AFKI Original

    Casablanca’s Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort is ideal for wedding parties with guests from around the world. They’ll have plenty to do after their long journey. The Mazagan is so enormous, it is almost a small city. Guests will be constantly entertained and encouraged to stick around. The resort has a casino, pools and a nightclub ideal for a bachelor or bachelorette party. The wedding can be right on the sand at this beachfront resort, or in one of the many ballrooms.

  • 13 Cities In Africa With The Lowest Cost Of Living

    cities in Africa with the lowest cost of living By Dana Sanchez, 9:10 pm

    Several cities in Africa rank among the world’s most expensive, reflecting high living costs and high prices of goods for expats. Luanda (No. 1) remains the most costly city in Africa and the world, followed by N’Djamena (No. 10), Victoria (No. 17), and Libreville (No. 30). Below we’ve ranked 13 cities in Africa with the lowest cost of living. South Africa made it onto this list twice. No. 1 on this list — the city in Africa with the lowest cost of living — ranked No. 206 out of 207 countries, only slightly more expensive than Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

  • 8 Luxury Brands African Millionaires Love

    luxury brands African millionaires love By Julia Austin, 3:08 pm AFKI Original

    Dolce and Gabbana is neighbors with Prada on Sandton’s luxurious Diamond Walk in Johannesburg. The luxury brand has an interesting history in South Africa, once suing a local shop owner for naming their store “Dolce and Banana.” D&G opened its first shop in South Africa in 2015, occupying an 8,126-square-foot space. The store includes exclusive spaces dedicated to D&G jewelry. Here’s a look at some of the luxury brands that African millionaires love.

  • Skipping Straight To Dessert: 10 Moroccan Sweets You Gotta Eat

    By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 pm

    As anybody who has wandered through the country’s souks will tell you, sweets are also easy to find, which is great for travelers with a sugar addiction. Traditional Moroccan sweets are usually made from ingredients such as locally sourced honey, dates, cinnamon, figs, oranges, and roses, then artfully created with skills honed from centuries of practice. From doughnut-like pastries to yummy pistachio-filled goodies, here are 10 Moroccan sweets you gotta eat.

  • 6 African Countries Targeted For Malaria Eradication By 2020

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:07 pm

    Half the world’s countries have wiped out malaria, and aid to fight the disease is decreasing as other threats take center stage. Malaria is still one of the biggest killers in sub-Sahara, especially in under-5-year-olds. Nine out of 10 people who died from it in 2015 came from sub-Sahara. Goodbye Malaria is a public-private partnership started by African entrepreneurs who believe that African creativity can solve one of Africa’s biggest problems. The group raises funds to support on-the-ground malaria elimination in Mozambique.

  • Why Africa Is The Final Frontier For Automotive Growth

    Africa is the final frontier for automotive growth By Dana Sanchez, 1:28 pm

    Ethiopia has the world’s second-lowest vehicle-to-population ratio — two vehicles per 1,000 people. The government is geared for industrialization, and Ethiopia is the African economy that is most similar and arguably likely to replicate China’s development successes, says Deloitte. Four countries in North and South Africa account for 80 percent of new car sales in Africa. Here’s how that’s likely to change.

  • AXA Partners With Lloyd’s Of London To Expand Specialty Insurance In Africa

    expand specialty insurance in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 1:44 pm

    Specialty insurance in Africa can cover anything from currency inconvertability and political violence to insuring oil rigs and footballers’ legs. A new entity, AXA Africa Specialty Risks, will insure risks in Africa’s political, energy and infrastructure sectors. Sub-Sahara’s insurance market is increasingly attractive to global insurers. African innovations such as mobile and cashless payments may soon disrupt developed insurance markets, according to Ernst & Young.

  • FIFA President Infantino Wants More African WC Spots

    FIFA President Infantino By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:52 am

    New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has suggested that Africa should receive two more World Cup qualification spots if his plan to expand the flagship competition from 32 to 40 teams is successful. Swiss UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino was elected as the new FIFA president at the end of February, and began working for world football’s governing body with immediate effect.

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