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  • New Ghanaian Airline Plans Q1 Service To Baltimore-Washington, Removes Barrier To Hub Status

    New Ghanaian airline By Dana Sanchez, 5:52 pm

    Ghana hasn’t had a national long-haul carrier since Ghana Airways, one of Africa’s oldest airlines, stopped flying in December 2015. Getting one will remove one of the stumbling blocks that prevented Accra from becoming a West African hub for air travel. There is no strong airline and no airport hub in West and Central Africa. Ghana made up for the absence of a strong carrier by issuing other airlines rights to carry passengers from Accra.

  • Liberia Seeks $1.3B To Revive Economy After Ebola Epidemic

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:19 am

    Liberia, one of the poorest nations in sub-Saharan Africa needs $1.3 billion to revive its economy, two years after an Ebola epidemic that ravaged the nation and plunged its economy into recession. The West African nation is targeting a diversification in its economy to reduce over-reliance on iron ore and rubber, its biggest foreign exchange earners that fell at the peak of the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa’s Economic Growth Lowest In 22 Years. There Are Winners And Losers

    Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth By Dana Sanchez, 12:11 pm

    Oil-importing African countries are showing an improved business environment as the continent endures its slowest growth in more than two decades. In contrast, countries that export commodities are under economic pressure due to low oil prices including three of Africa’s largest economies. Some countries that are doing better are predicted to grow at more than 6 percent. IMF predicts average growth will fall to 1.4 percent in 2016, less than half of 2015 growth.

  • How Ancient West African Cannabis Culture Inspires Blacks In US Marijuana Business

    Marijuana Business By Dana Sanchez, 2:09 pm

    Blacks are getting squeezed out of the marijuana business all over the U.S., says Ron Jones, founder of Sons of Hemp. The organization gets its name from the Bena Riamba or “Sons of Hemp” who lived in equatorial West Africa in the 1800s. The Bashilenge tribe worshiped hemp and formed a religion around it. Although U.S. minorities use marijuana at about the same rate as whites, they get arrested and go to jail for it more often. Sons of Hemp sued Detroit and now it plans a cannabis school to help nurture cannabis startups.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Flags of Western Africa

    By Mark Rausch, 6:36 pm AFKI Original

    After centuries of slave trade and British colonial rule, Nigeria was made a British protectorate in 1914, and the Seal of Solomon was raised — a green star on a red disk, representing the colony of Nigeria. In 1959, on the verge of independence, a national flag contest was announced. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, a student living in London, beat out more than 3,000 contestants. On the day of autonomy, Oct. 1, 1960, the new flag was raised. Green represents forests and natural wealth. White represents peace.

  • Mo Ibrahim Says Governance Good In Small African Countries, Big Ones Not So Much

    Mo Ibrahim By Dana Sanchez, 6:28 pm

    Ibrahim got rich on telecommunications, but he has invested millions in good governance. “Power corrupts absolutely,” Ibrahim said. He called for more international outrage over stolen elections. “People are learning how to steal elections because that looks less brutal than saying ‘I’m president for life,'” he said. “There is a limit to how long they can go on stealing elections. More and more of these elections are being subject to the harsh light of … social media.”

  • Liberia: Africa’s Oldest Independent Nation To Get First Ever Stock Market

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:50 am

    Liberia, the oldest independent nation in Africa is set to get its first stock market after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Milton Weeks, the Central Bank Executive Governor sent draft acts to the senate last week. The move came nearly six years after the West African nation initiated plans to set up the securities market. The lack of a middle class with the ability to invest in companies listed on the securities exchange is a major reason that has held back the nation

  • Deals, Deals Deals: African Fashion Not The Only Sector Boosted At US-Africa Business Forum

    African fashion boosted at US-Africa Business Forum By Dana Sanchez, 2:32 pm

    A U.S.-based fashion startup showcasing African designers is just one of the funding deals announced this week at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum. The world watched as African and U.S. CEOs and leaders talked trade. For one New York fashion startup, it’s the kind of advertising money can’t buy. Kenya was also a big winner, scoring a new Nairobi office for OPIC, which mobilizes private capital to advance U.S. foreign policy. The office — OPIC’s third in Africa — will raise Nairobi’s profile as a hub for investors seeking big-ticket infrastructure deals.

  • 14 Top East and West African Fashion Designers Showcased At African Union

    By Keren Mikva, 5:11 pm AFKI Original

    Burkina Faso’s De La Sébure mixes the warmth of African colors with modern European styles, reflecting the founder’s native Burkina Faso and adopted home in Europe. The clothes use elegant flair, vibrant colors, and refined materials to create something entirely its own. De La Sébure is one of 30 top designers from African countries being showcased at an African fashion reception, underway at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

  • Nigerians Own Most Banks And Insurance Firms In Liberia

    banks and insurance firms in Liberia By Staff, 10:17 pm

    Nigeria continues to play a stabilizing role in African peace and economies, said Liberian Vice President Joseph Boakai. Nigeria was the first African country to come to Liberia’s aid in restoring peace after the Liberian civil war. Nigeria also showed love for Liberia during the Ebola outbreak which ravaged the country in 2015. In addition to most banks and insurance firms being owned by Nigerians, Liberia is home to many Nigerian educators and medical doctors.

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