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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Africa’s Largest Telecoms Operator, MTN

    Why Nigeria Fined MTN So Heavily By Peter Pedroncelli, 10:00 am AFKI Original

    South Africa’s MTN Group has been in the global news in recent weeks because of the turmoil that the telecoms company has had with its Nigerian unit. The Africa’s largest telecoms operator was fined a massive $5.2 billion by the Nigerian Communication Commission for allowing 5.1million unregistered sim cards on its network in the West African country. Here are 10 things that you need to know about MTN.

  • 10 Recipes To Add African Flair To Thanksgiving Meals

    By Julia Austin, 5:56 pm

    Since there’s always someone at Thanksgiving dinner who doesn’t like turkey, you’re smart to have another meat dish on the table. Bobotie is a traditional African dish with similar look and texture to a casserole—another Thanksgiving table staple. It’s made with minced lamb, beef or both, delicious spices, fruit and nuts.

  • Tourists Trickle Back To Ebola-Free Sierra Leone

    Ebola-free By Kevin Mwanza, 6:43 am

    Tourist are slowly heading back to Sierra Leone, one of the three West African countries that was devastated by an Ebola virus outbreak last year, just as the world Health Organization (WHO) declares the country Ebola-free. On Saturday, WHO officially declared the country free from the virus after it passed the 42-day market (two incubation period) without any case.

  • Yaya Toure Not Included In Cote D’Ivoire Squad

    Michel Dussuyer By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:24 am

    Cote D’Ivoire coach Michel Dussuyer has named the 24-man squad that will play two important 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers against Liberia later this month, and Yaya Toure was a surprise exclusion from the list. The Manchester City midfielder has recently been nominated for the FIFA Balon D’Or and the African Player of the Year award, but he will not be involved in these crucial games for the Elephants.

  • US Land O’ Lakes Co-Op Makes First Commercial Investment In Africa

    US Land O' Lakes Co-Op Makes First Commercial Investment In Africa By Dana Sanchez, 1:53 pm

    Land O’Lakes is no stranger to Africa. Until now, the co-op has only done nonprofit work with U.S. government aid. Now it plans to expand north with more commercial deals using South Africa as a base. Land O’ Lakes has current aid programs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

  • Dangote Cement Plans To List On London, Johannesburg Stock Exchanges

    Dangote Cement plans to list By Dana Sanchez, 11:49 am

    Aliko Dangote is consolidating his cement businesses across Africa into one company that can compete globally on London and Johannesburg stock exchanges. “Our intention is to consolidate our cement assets,” he said while announcing a $600-million cement plant in Tanzania. Dangote isn’t the largest cement producer in Africa but he plans to be. His net worth dropped in 2014 as a result of a weaker Nigerian currency.

  • US-Uganda Partnership Brings Mobile Money Aggregator To 27 African Countries

    Mobile Money Aggregator By Dana Sanchez, 12:28 pm AFKI Original

    A U.S. mobile market research firm has partnered with Ugandan mobile money aggregator Beyonic to bring a unifying mobile payment platform to 27 African countries. Beyonic claims to open up mobile money to businesses that previously lacked resources to connect to every carrier across multiple countries. The partnership will make Beyonic the largest mobile money aggregator in Africa.

  • Technology Reveals Huge Market In Africa For Stolen Cars

    stolen cars By Dana Sanchez, 7:52 am

    The U.K. has a growing problem with stolen cars showing up in African countries. Some cars stolen in the U.S. also are destined for Africa. South Africa has an extraordinarily high rate of car theft — 10% of the 11 million cars driven there are stolen. A high-tech tracking device recently led U.K. authorities to a cache of stolen luxury cars in Uganda. The cars are on their way back home.

  • 10 Reasons Africa’s Food And Agriculture Industries Are Failing

    By Julia Austin, 6:25 am AFKI Original

    Scientific and technological advancements in Africa are growing, especially in the mobile arena, but many farmers are still behind those of the Western world. Many schools don’t even have science labs or computers. This puts farming communities at a great disadvantage since much of caring for and growing crops is scientific. Farmers sometimes lack basic knowledge on how to better their crops.

  • Togo Coach Saintfiet Gives Up On Adebayor

    Emmanuel Adebayor Cote D'Ivoire And Togo By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:53 am

    Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayor is once again at the centre of controversy following a statement from Togo national team coach Tom Saintfiet revealing that he will no longer make an effort to call up the veteran attacker for matches. This decision comes in the wake of the player not arriving in camp to take part in their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier against Djibouti last weekend.

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