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  • CAF 2016 African Player Of The Year Shortlist Unveiled

    2016 African Player Of The Year By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:52 am AFKI Original

    The shortlist of 30 players that will be considered for the 2016 African Player of the Year award has been unveiled by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) ahead of the winner’s announcement in the new year. The majority of those announced ply their trade in Europe, while some based on the African continent have also been included in the list.

  • African Milestone: Rwanda Launches National Drone Delivery. Public Perception? They’re Weapons

    Rwanda launches national drone delivery By Dana Sanchez, 11:22 am

    The Silicon Valley based Zipline team tested its drone delivery system for months in Rwanda to make sure it worked prior to launch, usually with an audience of locals. “Every day, we have hundreds of Rwandans lining up along the fence of the distribution center to watch operations,” said Zipline’s CEO. “The whole crowd cheers for every single takeoff and landing throughout the day. Some people show up at 6 a.m. to get good seats.” Some aid workers say drones have a bad reputation in Africa. People think they’re weapons.

  • How Ancient West African Cannabis Culture Inspires Blacks In US Marijuana Business

    Marijuana Business By Dana Sanchez, 2:09 pm

    Blacks are getting squeezed out of the marijuana business all over the U.S., says Ron Jones, founder of Sons of Hemp. The organization gets its name from the Bena Riamba or “Sons of Hemp” who lived in equatorial West Africa in the 1800s. The Bashilenge tribe worshiped hemp and formed a religion around it. Although U.S. minorities use marijuana at about the same rate as whites, they get arrested and go to jail for it more often. Sons of Hemp sued Detroit and now it plans a cannabis school to help nurture cannabis startups.

  • 12 African Players To Watch In The Spanish La Liga This Season

    Spanish La Liga - Thomas Partey at Atletico Madrid By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:30 am AFKI Original

    The Spanish La Liga is an incredibly popular league, with top quality soccer stars from around the world aiming to make their mark in Spain, including some of the best African players. The 2016-17 season in Spain is getting exciting, with players from the continent determined to contribute quality performances for their Spanish clubs in the top-flight. Here are 12 African players to look out for in the Spanish La Liga this season.

  • What Economic Headwinds? Hotel Construction Is Booming In Sub-Saharan Africa

    Construction of New Hotels By Kevin Mwanza, 10:53 am

    The hotel industry will enjoy a boom in sub-Saharan Africa in the next three years, with East Africa leading the growth that will see about $3.6 billion worth of investment into the sector in the next two years. Tourism, diplomatic and non-governmental activities in the East African nations of Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia are leading the growth.

  • 6 Fascinating Ghanaian Cultural Festivals That Reinforce Tradition

    Ghanaian cultural festivals By Mark Rausch, 7:00 am

    Ghanaian cultural festivals reinforce tradition and ties to land and community. If you happen to be in Ghana, join in and dance. The Homowo Festival — “hunger hoot” — remembers a famine that once affected the Kwa people. Crops are planted in May before the rainy season, with drumming and noise banned so farmers can concentrate on growing food. The festival culminates in August with massive feasting in an official “hoot to hunger.” In Accra, this festival is part of the urban mainstream.

  • Nigeria, Egypt And Cote D’Ivoire Win Opening World Cup Qualifiers

    World Cup Qualifiers By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:23 am AFKI Original

    The third round of African World Cup qualifiers began this past weekend, with the 20 teams from the continent left with a chance of securing one of the five spots allocated to Africa in action throughout the continent. Drawn into five groups of four teams each, with the winner of the group after a round-robin format qualifies for Russia 2018.

  • Africa Needs To Make A Mooooove On Its $400 Billion Dairy Market

    dairy market By Staff, 12:01 am

    Milk consumption in Africa is the lowest in the world. The continent has more than 10 percent of the world’s cattle, but contributes less than 3 percent to global milk production. African countries import more than $500 million worth of milk a year from Europe and North America. Ghana’s dairy industry has been plagued with challenges including lack of modern technology. Most dairy farmers milk cattle the traditional way, and don’t know where to market their product.

  • Why African E-health Companies Are Becoming World Leaders

    By Tom Jackson, 4:59 am AFKI Original

    Last month’s Frost & Sullivan report, Enabling eHealth Technology in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, painted a glowing picture of the e-health space on the continent. From telecoms to startups, many firms are capitalising on the increasing advancements in ICT to improve healthcare delivery, with South Africa, Kenya and Ghana ahead of the game. “The total eHealth market for South Africa, Kenya and Ghana is in a nascent stage with expectations of high long-term growth,”

  • Milestone: Delta Now Has In-Flight Wi-Fi On Flights From Africa

    in-flight Wi-Fi By Dana Sanchez, 7:45 pm

    Delta Airlines this week completed the roll-out of Wi-Fi on its international fleet, equipping its last remaining Boeing 777 – one of several serving Africa – with on-demand Wi-Fi throughout the aircraft. In-flight Wi-Fi may sound like a great way to stay in touch with family and friends or catch up on work, but generally, services have been slow. Satellite-based systems can provide coverage over oceans where air-to-ground falls short. Competition is growing among new satellite-based Wi-Fi companies, with added satellite capacity driving prices down.

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