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  • Florida Company Lighting Up African Villages With Solar, Hydro Power

    Hydro Power By Nanci Theoret, 8:24 am

    A U.S. company is playing a role in bringing much-needed electricity to Africa. After completing a turn-key $5 million solar-panel manufacturing plant in Ethiopia, Florida-based SKYei now plans to build two hydropower plants in Tanzania. “We train locals and that differentiates us from other companies,” said Roland McLean of SKYei. “It’s been our experience that we can always find good local help. We pay more and wreck the local wage scale.”

  • Ethiopia’s GDP Growth Slows To 7%

    By Ann Brown, 10:00 am

    From Business Day Live Ethiopia’s economy is likely to grow 7 percent past decade. To push that rate higher, the government needs to change policy to encourage private investment, the World Bank said. While 7 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth would be the envy of finance ministers in western economies, it would fall short […]

  • China Inks Deal To Build Wind Power Plant In Ethiopia

    By Ann Brown, 10:00 am

    From Chinese manufacturer Dongfang Electric is tipped to build a 120MW wind power facility at Aysha, in western Ethiopia, with funding from the China Exim Bank. It is thought likely that a Chinese company will also be awarded a further 60MW at Aysha, again with Exim Bank support, in partnership with Ethiopia’s state-owned Metal […]

  • Meet 8 African Designers Influencing International Home Decor

    By Amma Bonsu, 9:00 am

    A fabulous trend in home décor around the world is the ability to creatively transform a setting using contemporary textiles and furnishings with a distinct African influence. Although African décor was previously limited to gory tribal masks and animal prints, today’s African artisans have elevated their craftsmanship.
    They have re-introduced the world to a collection of artistry that marries the traditional African theme with contemporary designs.
    The result is a magnificent array of culturally inspired accent pieces and eclectic furnishings that infuse elegance and boldness into any space.

    Here are eight influential African designers who are commanding international appeal to contemporary African home décor.

  • Google Adding 5 African Languages To Its Auto-Translation Service

    broadband infrastructure By Dana Sanchez, 3:37 pm

    Google announced Thursday it plans to add five African languages – Somali, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Zulu – to its list of options on Google Translate, the search engine giant’s free automatic translation service. Here’s how one person responded to Google’s invitation to evaluate its African language translations. “Overjoyed to hear this. Wow, Hausa on Google Translation.”

  • China Unfairly Criticized For Its Role In Africa, Academic Says

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:32 pm

    In 2000, there were probably a few lone people studying the China-Africa relationship but now there are institutions devoted to it, magazines and media set up based around it.

  • Is A Telecommunications Monopoly Disconnecting Ethiopia From The Future?

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:33 pm

    Mobile-phone penetration, which averages 70 percent of the population elsewhere in Africa, is closer to 25 percent in Ethiopia, and government control of telecommunications could be to blame for “disconnecting Ethiopia from the future,” according to an editorial. Ethiopia’s leaders are as keen as any to reap economic benefits of modern telecoms but they fear the political ramifications. Pesky dissidents become even more irritating when wired, the editorial said.

  • 5-Star Hyatt Hotel Under Construction In Addis Ababa

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:49 pm

    A Dubai-based company has finalized a $25 million dollar deal to buy two hotels under construction in Addis Ababa that will be converted into one five-star Hyatt hotel. This will be a first for U.S.-based Hyatt in Ethiopia. Aside from those under construction, there are three other international hotels operating in Ethiopia – Sheraton Addis, Hilton and Radisson Blu.

  • Dangote To Open Cement Plant In Ethiopia

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:16 pm

    Ethiopian State Minister of Industry Tadesse Haile said construction of the plant signaled the beginning of a new business relationship between Nigeria and his country. It also opened a new window in Ethiopia’s quest for foreign investment.

  • U.S. Mini Greenhouse Technology Makes Organic Food A Reality For Kenyans

    By Isaac Mwangi, 11:00 am

    Using locally-made materials, the greenhouses are built in a way that makes it easy to harvest rainwater. Available in various sizes, they’re suitable for urban farming, where land is often scarce. The problem is, most farmers can’t afford them.

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