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  • 12 African Nations With The Biggest Olympic Contingents

    Wayde Van Niekerk - Things You Should Know About South Africa's Olympic Team By Peter Pedroncelli, 10:00 am AFKI Original

    The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are only days away, and Olympic contingents have been finalised. With strict qualification criteria applied to all of the disciplines in the multi-sport event, qualifying to take part is no easy feat, and large African teams going to Rio can be very proud of their achievements. We take a look at 12 of the African countries who are bringing large Olympic teams to Rio 2016.

  • Opinion: Ethiopian Mega-Dam Project Leaves Egypt High And Dry

    By Staff, 3:20 am

    Ethiopia sees the dam as vital to lifting a large segment of its more than 80 million people out of poverty. It also has ambitions to turn itself into “The powerhouse of Africa” by selling energy produced by the project. Successive Egyptian administrations seem to have been caught by surprise by Ethiopia’s determination to implement the GERD. The fact that the project is progressing – and has won the support of many of Egypt’s neighbours to the south – is also seen as an indication of Cairo’s waning influence in Africa.

  • Going Green: Rockefeller Fund Set To Blow Away Fossil Fuels, Build African Wind Farms

    African wind farms By Dana Sanchez, 6:33 pm

    U.S. entrepreneur John. D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil and became the world’s richest man, revolutionizing the petroleum industry. Now his descendants are spending his money on a disruptive energy technology. “Teaming up a leading independent renewable power developer with a foundation started by members of the family that effectively founded the global oil industry, is a significant moment in the world’s transition to a new power system based on clean energy,” a stakeholder said.

  • Cash-Strapped Egypt Wants A $12 Billion Bailout From IMF

    Egypt IMF bailout By Dana Sanchez, 4:18 pm

    An acute dollar shortage is hurting the already struggling economy. Egypt depends on foreign investments and tourism for hard currency but those have suffered because of terror attacks and political unrest since the 2011 uprising. The IMF will ask for reforms as part of the loan agreement. These will likely include reduced government spending, a value-added tax and a more flexible currency exchange rate.

  • Mobile In African Economies Now Accounts For 6.7% Of GDP

    Mobile in African economies By Dana Sanchez, 8:10 am

    Africa now has more than half a billion mobile phone subscribers, and it has been the fastest growing telecoms region for several years, but subscriber growth rates are now beginning to slow down. the number of smartphone is expected to triple in the next five years, but African uptake of mobile will likely converge with the global average, as affordability become more of a barrier, according to a new GSMA study.

  • Does Egypt Need Israel To Help Negotiate Nile Water Allocation From Ethiopian Dam?

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:48 pm

    After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel from a four-country trip to Africa, he got a visit from the Egyptian foreign minister. Those familiar with Israeli-Egyptian diplomatic relationships know how rare this visit was, Israel Today reported. Netanyahu visited Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, and they recognized that Israel is a power to be reckoned with, not just militarily. African countries are fascinated with Israeli ingenuity. Tension is high between Egypt and Ethiopia.

  • Shipwrecks Of Namibia’s Spooky Skeleton Coast

    Shipwrecks of Namibia's Spooky Skeleton Coast By Dana Sanchez

    Namibia has several thousand shipwrecks along its almost-1000-mile coast. Getting there requires a huge effort, and visitors are restricted to around 800 a year to preserve the fragile environment. See why this is a terrible place for sailors, then check out the best wreck dives in Africa, and learn how Namibia has revolutionized tourism.

  • Analysis: Israel’s Bid For AU Observer Seat Could Divide Africa

    observer seat By Kevin Mwanza, 10:03 am

    Israel bid to get an observer seat at the African Union (AU) is threatening to divide African union with Kenya and Ethiopia supporting the bid, while South African and Egypt may be against it. In the first official visit by an Israeli prime minister to African in nearly 30 years, Benjamin Netanyahu sought to drum up support from East African countries — Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda — for an observer status at the continental body.

  • Total Confirmed As New Africa Cup Of Nations Title Sponsor

    Total Confirmed As New Africa Cup Of Nations Title Sponsor By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:41 am

    The Confederation of African Football (CAF) and global integrated energy producer and provider Total have reached an agreement, with the well-known brand confirmed as the official sponsor of African football for the next eight years, which includes being the Africa Cup of Nations title sponsor.

  • 30 Startup Finalists To Pitch To Angel Investors At Demo Africa 2016

    Demo Africa By Dana Sanchez, 12:11 pm

    The following African tech startups are finalists in the upcoming Demo Africa 2016. They stood out among 723 applicants, and they’ll get to introduce themselves and possibly attract investors at the fifth annual Demo Africa, planned in Johannesburg. Banking and fintech had the highest number of entries followed by media, e-commerce and education. Venture capitalists, angel investors, investment fund managers, tech buyers and media are expected from around the world.

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