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  • 20 Players With African Roots Playing At Euro 2016

    Divock Origi By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:10 am AFKI Original

    The 2016 European Championships are underway in France, and many of the players who are representing European nations have African roots. Whether born in Africa or not, some could have decided to play for an African national team. We profile 20 players and the national teams that they could be representing if they had chosen Africa rather than Europe.

  • FIFA Announce African Seeds For World Cup Draw

    2017 Africa Cup of Nations By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:08 am AFKI Original

    FIFA have announced the African seeds for teams from the continent which still remain in contention for a qualification berth at the 2018 World Cup set to take place in Russia. A total of 20 teams from Africa will be involved in the draw, which will take place in Cairo, Egypt on June 24. Of those 20 remaining teams, which have been through a previous qualification phase thus far, five will ultimately qualify for the showpiece by topping their respective groups.

  • Top 5 Opportunities For Power Investment In Sub-Saharan Africa

    top 5 opportunities for power investment in sub-Saharan Africa By Kurt Davis Jr., 9:20 am AFKI Original

    Ghana’s status as an electricity exporter encourages private investment. Most rural districts are connected to the national electricity grid, making Ghana a leader in transmission and turning the focus to generation. Expect the private sector to supply more power than the current 53%. To support investor participation, Ethiopia liberalized the energy sector. Investors would be smart to diversify beyond hydro in Ethiopia. Some investors say Ethiopia has potential to become a major geothermal producer.

  • 8 African Teams That Have Secured 2017 AFCON Qualification

    2017 AFCON Qualification By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:44 am AFKI Original

    The 2017 AFCON qualification matches took place over the course of the past weekend, with a number of national teams securing their places at the Africa Cup of Nations ahead of the final qualifying matchday. The tournament is set to take place in Gabon at the beginning of next year, so the Panthers are assured of qualification as hosts, but for the rest of the continent, the qualification phase has been crucial.

  • Nigerians Take To Social Media Over Spanish Tomato-Throwing Festival

    Tomato-Throwing Festival By Dana Sanchez, 10:01 am

    Each year in Spain, La Tomatina festival goers throw more than 100 tonnes of tomatoes at each other for fun. Tomatoes are an important ingredient in many Nigerian dishes and many people can’t afford them after tomato farms were devastated by a moth nicknamed “tomato Ebola.” About 80 percent of production in Kaduna state — tomato capital of Nigeria — was hit by the pest. It’s a tomato state of emergency.

  • 21 Top African Economies: Who Will Bypass South Africa Next?

    20 Top African Economies By Dana Sanchez, 4:17 pm

    South Africa lost its spot as No. 1 economy in Africa to Nigeria in 2014, and its No. 2 spot to Egypt in 2016. So who has best shot next at bypassing the South African economy? These are 21 of the International Monetary Fund’s top performing economies in Africa based on gross domestic product. You’ll be surprised who’s absent from this list: Rwanda.

  • Turning The Lights On, Africa’s Energy Investment Opportunity

    Africa’s energy investment opportunity By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:35 pm AFKI Original

    Competing consumer and developer interests are finding middle ground in some African countries and striking out in others. Low energy prices are the most desirable political outcome, but investment slows or is avoided altogether below a certain price threshold. Short term, coal will remain a vital part of African power generation. But the potential for investing in Africa’s renewable energy market shouldn’t be ignored.

  • An 8-Point Look Inside The Sleep-Deprived Life Of Billionaire Aliko Dangote

    billionaire Aliko Dangote By Julia Austin, 6:20 pm AFKI Original

    Aliko Dangote, the richest black person on Earth, typically gets three hours of sleep a night. He has admitted in interviews that he sleeps between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. “I don’t rest until I achieve something,” the workaholic Nigerian said. He’s been credited with writing a revolutionary new African development narrative. Here’s a look inside the high-profile, hectic and sleep-deprived life of billionaire Aliko Dangote.

  • 52 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance. Most Are In Africa

    countries ranked for marijuana tolerance By Dana Sanchez

    African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African traditions, economies and recreation. It is an important source of income, but is illegal everywhere in Africa. Tolerance and enforcement vary from country to country. There’s a growing belief that with the proper regulations, marijuana should be legalized for the greater good. AFKInsider compiled a list of African countries and ranked them for marijuana tolerance. We’ve also provided a list of most marijuana-friendly countries in the world as a basis for comparison.

  • Opinion: Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum Just Perpetuates Myths

    Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum By Staff, 5:56 pm

    There is widespread social resistance under way in Africa. Grassroots protesters are questioning the logic of export-led “growth” and fiscal austerity. They are demanding that their basic needs be met instead. After the dramatic Arab Spring, protesters picked up the pace in many sub-Saharan countries. Even if it is ignored in Kigali, or repressed on the ground, the popular risings against the WEF’s dubious “Africa Rising” rhetoric await…

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