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  • Opinion: Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum Just Perpetuates Myths

    Africa Uprising, World Economic Forum By Staff, 5:56 pm

    There is widespread social resistance under way in Africa. Grassroots protesters are questioning the logic of export-led “growth” and fiscal austerity. They are demanding that their basic needs be met instead. After the dramatic Arab Spring, protesters picked up the pace in many sub-Saharan countries. Even if it is ignored in Kigali, or repressed on the ground, the popular risings against the WEF’s dubious “Africa Rising” rhetoric await…

  • 8 African National Team Coaching Changes In 2016

    Herve Renard By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:50 am AFKI Original

    Coaching is a rough gig. The pressure is always high, and with national teams in Africa the changes seem to ring all too often. The consistent pressure at the top means that African national team coaches are often sacked or forced to resign, and this year has been no different. We look at 8 of the national team coaching changes that have taken place so far this year.

    We look at 8 of the national team coaching changes that have taken place so far this year.

  • U.S.-Senegal Defense Deal Is All About Access, U.S. Says

    U.S.-Senegal defense deal By Dana Sanchez, 1:18 pm

    The deal will help Senegal and the U.S. “face common security challenges in the region,” Senegal said. Al Qaeda has Senegal in its sights due to its close ties with France, which has 3,500 soldiers fighting with regional armies against Islamist militants in West Africa. The agreement upgrades an existing 2001 agreement providing U.S. forces access to certain facilities in Senegal and enabling U.S. forces to make improvements while there.

  • 8 Brands That Sponsor African Soccer On A Regional Level

    Sponsor African Soccer By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:00 am AFKI Original

    Africa loves the beautiful game, and the popularity of soccer has created fertile ground for brands to provide funds in the form of sponsorship deals to be associated with the various competitions taking place around the continent. These brands sponsor African soccer and provide funding to take the game forward. We take a look at 8 big brands that are involved in sponsorship of soccer on the African continent.

  • FIFA President Infantino Wants More African WC Spots

    FIFA President Infantino By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:52 am

    New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has suggested that Africa should receive two more World Cup qualification spots if his plan to expand the flagship competition from 32 to 40 teams is successful. Swiss UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino was elected as the new FIFA president at the end of February, and began working for world football’s governing body with immediate effect.

  • Ethiopian Airlines To Serve Newark Airport Rather Than New York

    Ethiopian Airlines to serve Newark Airport By Dana Sanchez, 12:03 am

    Ethiopian has served Newark in the past but suspended service in 2004 in order to serve Washington Dulles International Airport instead. Ethiopian said it would resume service to the New York metropolitan area. The service will allow passengers to connect between Newark and many cities throughout Africa, according to Ethiopian Airlines. Newark will become Ethiopian’s 93rd international gateway and its fourth gateway in North America. Ethiopian says it has had average annual growth of 25 percent the past seven years.

  • 8 Things You Should Know About The Economics Of Polygamy In Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:19 pm AFKI Original

    Several theories link polygamy to poverty. Both are widespread in sub-Saharan Africa. Scholars suggest that polygamy reduces investment in girls’ education. But some of Africa’s wealthiest and most influential people engage in the controversial practice, which is legal in much of Africa. The debate around polygamy is fierce in Africa. Some argue men are polygamous “by nature.” What about women? Others say polygamy has no place in modern Africa. Here are 8 things you should know about the economics of polygamy in Africa.

  • Thailand Company Wins Patent In Africa For Motorcycle Taxi Tech

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:43 pm

    Africa has the world’s largest population of motorcycle taxis. This patent protection secures the company coverage of an area representing more than half the continent’s population. Mototaxi operators are messengers, deliverers, and personal assistants. More than automobile taxis, this is a strategic segment that needs to be captured to become a global leader in local transport and commerce, said Paul Giles, CEO and founder of World Moto. His is one of the only public companies actively pursuing this industry, Giles said.

  • 7 Shortest-Serving Presidents In Africa

    By Lillian Mutiso, 6:32 am AFKI Original

    Africa is renowned for having some of the longest serving presidents in the world. Some rose to power through coup d’états while others took over from their fathers in monarchies such as Swaziland. There are also those who hold the distinction of ruling for the shortest time. Most of them ousted from power through coup d’états while some were peacefully forced out of office. Some of the shortest ruling leaders in Africa are;

  • Who Gets A $1B Line Of Credit? Akon Woos Middle East Investors For Solar Lighting Africa Business

    Akon in Pahou, Benin By Dana Sanchez, 4:30 pm

    The working arm of Akon Lighting Africa worked out a deal with Chinese suppliers for a $1 billion line of credit. Akon and partners use this money as part of a financing package to offer to African governments as they bid for contracts or tenders. “Until now, we have used $240 million out of the $1 billion that we have at our disposal. We are present in 14 countries and want to expand into an additional 30 countries very soon,” a partner said. The know-how already exists to power Africa, Akon said. What’s still needed is greater technical innovation and more creative financial models. Akon is looking to the Middle East for that.

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