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  • The Best Safari Lodges Outside Kruger National Park

    luxury safari lodges By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    When planning a safari in South Africa the first place that comes to mind is usually Kruger National Park. While there are some amazing lodges and accommodation options within the park, Kruger attracts big crowds, which can often restrict your game viewing experience. The alternative is find lodges outside Kruger National Park to stay in. These incredible lodges offer the best of both worlds: a breathtaking setting, and close proximity to — or a location within — a private game park.

  • 10 Fair Trade Shops In Africa You Need To Visit

    fair trade shops in africa By Karen Elowitt, 9:57 am

    Whether you’re shopping for curios, the latest women’s fashions or just local crafts during your trip to Africa, it pays to buy fair trade sourced items. Knowing that your purchase will help to enrich the lives of local African artisans and communities — instead of factory owners in China or multi-national corporations — will give you a sense of personal satisfaction and also make the continent (and world) a better place for all. Luckily there are hundreds of fair trade shops in Africa, which we’ve provided a sampling of here.

  • 15 of The Most Incredible Deserts in Africa

    deserts in africa By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    Desert are underrated. They suffer a bad reputation as places of crippling heat, hostile to life, and devoid of redeeming characteristics. But we shouldn’t disrespect the desert, because it is so much more than that. From the Sahara to the Kalahari to the Namib, the truth is that Africa’s deserts are full of stunning geological formations, unique animals, hardy plants, and sweeping dunes. Here’s a roundup of 15 of the most stunning deserts in Africa, which will surely make you reconsider your opinion of deserts.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About African Acacia Trees

    acacia trees By Karen Elowitt, 10:08 am

    Acacia trees are without a doubt the most iconic trees in Africa (besides baobabs, a close runner-up). The subject of countless thousands of silhouette sunset photos (like the one above), this picturesque tree is inextricably linked with vast African savannas and epitomizes the seeming exotic-ness of the continent. But how much do you really know about the acacia — which, incidentally, is not just one species? Read on for some fascinating and crucial facts about acacia trees.

  • 8 Moroccan Hotels Where You Can Literally Sleep In the Dunes

    moroccan hotels By Karen Elowitt, 9:39 am

    The allure of the Moroccan desert is hard to resist, especially for those confined to high rises in cold places. It’s an enticing prospect to spend a week as a wandering nomad under big skies with looming terracotta dunes. If you’re headed to the desert, why not sleep there and explore it? Here are 8 Morocco hotels where you can literally sleep in the dunes — or in an actual brick-and-mortar room, if that’s what you prefer.

  • 11 Johannesburg Restaurants That Put Meat Lovers First

    johannesburg restaurants By Karen Elowitt, 6:00 am

    South Africans love to eat meat, and aren’t picky about what form it comes in, whether it be beef, pork, lamb, springbok, prawns, chicken or seafood — in fact, the joke about Jozi is that there’s a meat lovers’ restaurant on every corner. So the next time you’re out with your non-vegetarian friends and start craving something meaty, try one (or more) of these 11 Johannesburg restaurants that put meat lovers first.

  • 10 Uniquely South African Souvenirs To Grab Before You Leave The Country

    south african souvenirs By Karen Elowitt, 6:00 am

    Part of the fun of visiting another country is buying a keepsake to remind you of your trip. And South Africa is not lacking unique foods, beverages and knick-knacks that will be appreciated for years to come — or that will impress your friends and family back home. Here are 10 uniquely South African souvenirs to grab before you leave the country, from tasty rooibos to quirky ceramic art.

  • The Story of Kriolu, The ‘Unofficial Official’ Language Of Cape Verde

    kriolu By Karen Elowitt, 9:42 am

    While the official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, most people speak Kriolu in their homes and on the street. Kriolu is the “unofficial official” language of Cabo Verde. Its origins are ancient, dating back to the 15th century. Kriolu was at first a pidgin language, based on Portuguese, in which business was conducted. Africans who were brought to Cabo Verde as slaves used the pidgin, which then developed into a fully formed “creole” language. When the slave trade ended, Portuguese remained the official language of Cabo Verde and even today it is used in classrooms, the government, and in the media.

  • Makgadik-WHAT? A Guide To Pronouncing African Place Names

    By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    How good is your knowledge of African place names? Even seasoned travelers — and flummoxed locals — can find them to be confusing and impenetrable. Some basic advice: If the name is not English in origin, the rules of English pronunciation don’t apply. So don’t try to apply them! But don’t worry, we’ve got a handy guide to some of the more well-known (and a few obscure) African place names, which will be easily rolling off your tongue in no time flat.

  • Luxe On The Rails: Three Days On Rovos, From Durban To Pretoria

    By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    We pulled up to the train after dark, dusty, tired and sunburned, but happy. The reason we were late: an elephant out for an evening stroll on the main road out of the game reserve had blocked our exit. This was but one of the highlights of the afternoon’s Nambiti excursion, a three-hour game drive. We also saw giraffes loping through the grass within meters of our Jeep, lions lounging on a distant hillside, and a family of hippos frolicking in a mud pool.