• Secondary School Students In Lesotho Get Homework Via Mobile

    By Staff, 11:00 am

    From The Guardian There can be no doubting Lesotho’s commitment to education. In 2000, the country began making primary education free; a decade later, in 2010, it became compulsory. Now the country is trialling a startup that sends homework to pupils via mobile phone. sends homework lessons and quizzes to basic phones that have […]

  • Libya Islamists Capture 20 Egypt Christians

    By Staff, 10:00 am

    From Business Insider Islamist militants have abducted 20 Egyptian Christians in Libya in recent days, a source close to the government said Saturday. The Ansar al-Sharia militia had kidnapped 13 of them Saturday in the coastal city of Sirte and the rest of them there over the past few days, the source said.   Their […]

  • Al Qaeda Suspect in U.S. Embassy Bombings In Kenya, Tanzania, Dies Before Trial

    By Staff, 9:00 am

    From Yahoo A suspected al Qaeda figure alleged to have helped plan the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya has died in New York just days ahead of his scheduled trial, his son and the prosecutor said. Abu Anas al-Liby (also spelled al-Libi), whose real name was Nazih al-Ragye, was seized […]

  • The Best Eritrean Songs In 2014

    By Staff, 7:00 pm

    From Geeska Afrika Public diplomacy and Song of the Year 2014. The Best Eritrean songs of the year 2014. By. Halenga. Official New Tigrigna Music Video 2014. 2014 was a good year for Eritrean Sillent music, both locally and internationally. Below are songs that got Eritreans excited, singing along in their Houses, Farms, Front-line and […]

  • Eritrea’s President Vows To Close Gap Between Rich And Poor

    By Staff, 6:00 pm

    From Geeska Afrika According to Samuel Gebre of bloomberg, Eritrean Leader is drafting a new constitution that will tackle inequality and satisfy the demands of the Horn of Africa nation’s people, President Isaias Afwerki said. A committee has begun work on the charter which seeks to close the gap between Eritrea’s rich and poor, Afwerki […]

  • Human Rights Lawyer Amal Clooney ‘Threatened With Arrest’ In Egypt

    By Staff, 5:00 pm

    From Yahoo British human rights lawyer Amal Clooney claimed in an interview  that she was threatened with arrest in Egypt after identifying flaws in the judicial system that later contributed to the convictions of three Al-Jazeera journalists. Clooney, a rights lawyer who married Hollywood star George Clooney in a lavish Venice ceremony last year, helped […]

  • At Least 11 Killed In Boko Haram Attack On Bus In Cameroon

    By Staff, 3:00 pm

    From CNN. Written by Aminu Abubakhar and Joshua Berlinger At least 11 people were killed and six others were injured in Cameroon when Boko Haram militants opened fire on a bus late Thursday, local time, residents said. The attack took place in Waza, a region bordering northeast Nigeria. The Islamist group, which dominates swaths of […]

  • As Ultimatum Expires, Congo Threatens To Attack Rwandan Hutu Rebels

    By Staff, 2:00 pm

    From Yahoo!   Democratic Republic of Congo’s government said  it was ready to launch military operations against Rwandan Hutu rebels in its east after most missed a deadline to disarm and return home or go into exile. A six-month ultimatum set by regional leaders expires at midnight and just 300 of the estimated 1,5000 rebels […]

  • Burkina Faso Looks To Settle Controversy Over Ex-President’s Body

    By Staff, 1:00 pm

    From Yahoo Burkina Faso has said it would help determine whether the body buried in the grave of a beloved ex-president is really his, as his family and supporters have long demanded. “The state decided to provide means to the family of President Thomas Sankara to proceed with the search of his grave,” President Michel […]

  • Morocco Angered By Egypt-Algeria Cooperation On West Sahara

    By Staff, 11:00 am

    From World Bulletin Perceived coordination between Egypt and Algeria to support the Polisario Front – which has long fought Morocco over the Western Sahara region – along with recent attacks on Rabat by Egypt’s media, appear to be behind Moroccan state TV’s increasingly critical tone vis-à-vis Egypt’s leadership. “The visit to Algiers last week by […]