• Opinion: Bitcoin Still Expected To Grow Exponentially, Especially In Africa

    Bitcoin By Staff, 12:19 pm

    Bitcoin remittances in Africa have not really taken off. The slowness of blockchain-based digital currency has been compared to the internet’s slow start, and how web use eventually became mainstream. Few consumer friendly applications have been created yet. Merchant adoption has been sluggish and there has been a lot of negative press regarding scams, money laundering and underground markets. Bitcoin growth is set to become exponential, especially in Africa. There are a number of reasons.

  • Where To Find Luxury In South Africa’s Gorgeous Overberg Region

    luxury in the Overberg region By Staff, 7:19 am

    Whale-watching season — June to September — just ended in South Africa. This is a good time to book for next year. Some of the best land-based whale watching can be found at De Kelders and De Hoop Nature Reserve. Don’t limit yourself to Hermanus. The Overberg region of the Western Cape is often overlooked, but it’s among the most beautiful destinations in South Africa with many luxurious escapes, five-star hotels, spas, boutiques, award-winning restaurants and wineries.

  • A Fugitive Credit Card Fraudster From The US Appointed To Top Political Offices In Nigeria

    By Staff, 7:54 am

    On Tuesday, October 4, the Lagos State government appointed a convicted credit card fraudster and fugitive to head its Safety Commission. If approved by the House of Assembly, Hakeem Dickson, a former Internal Auditor at the now defunct Nigeria Airways, will resume as the Director General of the Lagos State Safety Commission despite fleeing from a 24-month jail term in the U.S.

  • Prepare To Feel The Heat: Best Curry Restaurants In Durban

    By Staff, 7:50 am

    Durban is the largest “Indian” city outside India. That makes it curry central, and eating a spicy Indian dish here should top your tourist to-do list. Along with India’s well-known curry dishes like rogan josh you’ll find local concoctions such puri patha and the famous bunny chow. When you eat fiery curries in Durban’s sticky humidity, be prepared to feel the heat. Here’s the top pick of Durban’s best restaurants for curry.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Opens First South African Outlet Amid Sugar Tax Controversy

    By Staff, 7:37 am

    Dunkin’ Donuts brought its sprinkled donuts, drizzled danishes, and syrupy iced coffees—along with some of America’s poor dietary choices—to South Africa this week. Ironically, its grand opening coincided with national nutrition week, one of the health department’s efforts to get South Africans to eat healthier. The US food chain opened its first store in Cape Town on Oct. 13. Grand Parade Investments,

  • Ethiopian Protests Cause Spike In Price Of Beans And Vegetables In Netherlands

    economic impact of Ethiopian response to protests By Staff, 7:22 am

    Dutch suppliers have halted imports and production at their Ethiopian operations after anti-government protesters damaged their facilities. Prices have spiked in the Netherlands for products such as fine beans and exotic vegetables due to the disruption in supply from Ethiopia, with Kenya and Zimbabwe helping to fill the immediate sourcing gap.

  • Not Just About National Pride: Lessons From A Journey Along Lake Malawi

    journey along Lake Malawi By Staff, 7:07 am

    Perched above Lake Malawi is Livingstonia, a village of mud huts, limited electricity, and a huge Victorian church. The stone used to build the church was brought by ship from Scotland in the early 20th century. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. “Of course we are proud” says a baker. “No other village has a building made from the best Scottish stone!” An emaciated woman shouts for my attention. She runs after me waving a 1000 kwacha note ($2.50) and stuffs it into my hand on the empty street. It had fallen from my pocket.

  • Africa Needs To Make A Mooooove On Its $400 Billion Dairy Market

    dairy market By Staff, 12:01 am

    Milk consumption in Africa is the lowest in the world. The continent has more than 10 percent of the world’s cattle, but contributes less than 3 percent to global milk production. African countries import more than $500 million worth of milk a year from Europe and North America. Ghana’s dairy industry has been plagued with challenges including lack of modern technology. Most dairy farmers milk cattle the traditional way, and don’t know where to market their product.

  • Angela Merkel To Africa: We’ll Pay You Not To Come To Europe

    Angela Merkel By Staff, 12:01 am

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to slow migration from Africa through aid and diplomacy. She plans to visit Mali, Nigeria and Ethiopia starting Sunday. The flurry of diplomacy underscores how deeply the refugee crisis is affecting the foreign policy of the E.U.’s most populous country. While German exporters have long done business all over the world, Berlin’s influence in Africa has been small compared to former colonial powers France and Britain.

  • Ethiopia Could Overtake Kenya This Year As Top East African Economy

    Ethiopia could overtake Kenya By Staff, 12:01 am

    Ethiopia’s economy is expected to overtake Kenya’s this year, buoyed by massive government spending on infrastructure. The IMF estimates Ethiopia’s GDP will grow to $69.21 billion this year, narrowly edging out Kenya’s at $69.17 billion. Kenya is viewed as more democratic than Ethiopia, where authoritarian rule is marked by crackdowns on the press and its own citizens, such as the Oromo. Kenya also has a more open economy, while Ethiopia closes most sectors of its economy to foreign investors.