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  • South Africa’s Investment Climate Even Riskier Now

    By Global Risk Insights, 9:49 am

    Considered a darling among investors in Sub-Saharan Africa not long ago, the fortunes of South Africa’s economy have faded in the past 18 months, with slumping commodity prices and a slowdown in China dimming the hopes of even the most bullish investors. In December last year, all three major credit rating agencies downgraded their outlook. Consequently, Africa’s second-largest economy now teeters close to junk status.

  • These Are Sub-Saharan Africa’s 3 Brightest Spots For Doing Business

    By Global Risk Insights, 7:40 am

    Africa is viewed as a highly challenging environment to do business in. Despite this, however, Africa’s growing frontier markets have become increasingly significant to the world’s economy. Comprehensive economic reforms, improving business environments, effective political reforms and good governance have all promoted foreign investment and contributed to Africa’s economic growth. Here are the economic prospects of three of the brightest lights in sub-Saharan Africa today.

  • Kony’s Militant Group Is Staging A Bloody Comeback In Central Africa

    By Global Risk Insights, 6:46 am

    A seemingly depleted force, the Lord’s Resistance Army has escalated its violent campaign in 2016, with analysts warning that it is staging a bloody comeback. Once Africa’s most notorious rebel groups, the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, is increasing its attacks and abductions in a bid to secure much-needed resources. Already this year the group has carried out a series of raids, with roughly 220 people, many of them children, abducted in the Central African Republic

  • Insight: Mauritius Island’s Economy On The Rise For 2016

    world heritage sites in africa By Global Risk Insights, 7:11 am

    As the tourism industry provides large windows of opportunity for economic growth for islands, Mauritius has set a precedent for other small countries to follow in 2016. by the end of 2015, Mauritius attracted 1 million tourists, showing that it had adapted to tourists’ more sophisticated demands by diversifying its entertainment and other offerings. Not only that, Mauritius has also secured more open air policies with major countries, including Australia, China, and Singapore

  • Nigeria And Angola Seek International Loans To Ease Their Oil Pain

    oil rig By Global Risk Insights, 8:21 am

    With Nigeria and Angola seeking international loans to help ease their oil pain, investors are hoping that any loans will lead to a revision of their worrisome economic policies. Facing this harsh reality, and with few options left, Nigeria and Angola have approached the World Bank for loans. These loans would be painful for the local populace, but would be welcomed by western analysts and investors, not least because should could bring much-needed revisions to some of the countries’ worrying economic policies.

  • Somaliland: ‘A Rare African Miracle’ That Officially Doesn’t Exist

    Somaliland By Global Risk Insights, 9:55 am

    Few in the international community know about the democratic country that has often been described as ‘A rare African miracle.’ Somaliland has mineral resources that have not yet been exploited. It has oil, gas, coal, and the world’s largest gypsum deposits. It also has an 850 kilometre-long coastline that is free from pirates and which is strategically located on the Gulf of Aden.

  • Opinion: Rising Instability Calls To Question ‘Ethiopia Rising’ Status

    By Global Risk Insights

    Ethiopia is experiencing increased levels of instability, calling into question the notion that Ethiopia is ‘rising’, but such issues are unlikely to have an adverse impact on the economy in the long-term. Ethiopia is facing a number of sensitive challenges which have arisen in tandem with its impressive economic growth rates, which the World Bank claims will result in the country reaching middle-income status by 2025

  • Analysis: Can Kenya’s Security Keep Up With Trade?

    Kenya By Global Risk Insights, 7:22 am

    As economic stakes are raised, terrorism and nonproliferation require political focus and follow-through. Fortunately there are signs that promote hope for the future, and Kenya is not alone in the process. Two narratives are unfolding out of the country: one of growth opportunity attractive to foreign investors, and another of terrorism and the Kenyan government grappling with its fight against the Somali jihadis.

  • Africa In 2016: Winners And Losers In The New Year

    African Diaspora By Global Risk Insights, 5:25 am

    Plunging commodity prices and sustained economic headwinds made 2015 a painful year for most in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, a number of factors, including record-low oil prices, a worrying slowdown in China, and an emerging markets crisis, conspired to ensure that the pace of growth remained lower. Moreover, despite an improved third quarter, the IMF was forced to revise its earlier predictions.

  • Are Eurobonds The New Patronage Machine For Africa?

    Eurobond By Global Risk Insights, 5:07 am

    Eurobonds have become popular financial solutions to Africa’s economic woes. However, their increased popularity may in fact result in increased risks for both lenders and borrowers. Eurobonds remain increasingly popular in Africa. Early November alone saw six sovereign issues from Angola, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia and Zambia, worth around $6 billion.