12 Least Fragile African Countries On The Fragile States Index

Written by Dana Sanchez

The annual Fragile States List is out, and it’s not looking good for Africa.

Ten African countries ranked among the world’s 16 most fragile states according to the list, which compared 177 countries around the world.

But we’re looking at the African countries that are the most stable — the least fragile, if you will — that ranked lowest on the Fragile States List, published by the Fund For Peace.

The world’s No. 1 most fragile state, South Sudan, received the highest points and the highest ranking on this list. On the other end, Sweden ranked No. 177, the world’s least fragile country according to the factors that were measured.

Countries were given points and compared based on the following: demographic pressures, refugees and internally displaced people, group grievances, human flight, uneven economic development, economic decline, state legitimacy, public service, human rights and rule of law, security apparatus, fractionalized elites, and external intervention.

The Fund for Peace Fragile States 2015, The Fund for Peace
The Fund for Peace Fragile States 2015, The Fund for Peace


Out of 177 countries, the U.K. ranked No. 161 — less fragile than the U.S. which ranked No. 158. China ranked No. 83 — a little more fragile than half the countries on the list.

Nigeria and Zimbabwe are among the most fragile at No. 14 and No. 16 respectively. The world’s six most fragile states are South Sudan, Somalia, CAR, Sudan, DRC and Chad.

Insurgencies, conflict and civil wars contributed to Africa’s poor showing on the index compared to other regions of the world, Mail&Guardian reports. “The real indicators driving down Africa’s performance as a whole are much less dramatic – they are slow, insidious, and difficult to change at the stroke of a decree or in a single election.”

African countries accumulated the biggest points on the Index due to demographic pressures. With two-thirds of the population under 30 years old,  job opportunities have not kept up with population growth in Africa, making it a more fragile place, according to M&G.

These are the 12 least fragile African countries on the Fragile States Index. The index compares 177 countries with No. 177 being the least fragile.

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