Power shortages Hurting Small Businesses In Nigeria

Written by Kevin Mwanza

Nigerian businesses are struggling to keep their outlets open amid declining power supply across the west African nation in recent weeks. Major cities in the Africa’s largest economy, including Abuja, the capital, and Lagos, the main commercial hub — have experienced one of the worst electricity shortages in years, with power available for less than five hours per day in some areas.

The power ministry in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country,  has blamed the shortages on vandalism of gas pipelines that keep the power stations running.

It is estimated that Nigeria need about 200,000 Megawatts to be able to meet the power demand in the country. At the moment the country only produces a maximum of 5,000 megawatts, but in recent week the its supply has dropped to as low as 2,800 megawatts due to a heat wave, Prime Times reported.