Famous South Africans You Didn’t Know Were Born In Zimbabwe

Written by Dana Sanchez

How many former Zimbabweans live in South Africa? It depends who you ask. Estimates range from 1 million to 3 million, according to AfricaCheck, a nonprofit organisation that promotes accuracy in public debate and the media.

But there just is no definitive data.

A South African border official said 700 Zimbabweans were crossing into South Africa daily after the disputed 2013 presidential and parliamentary elections.

South Africa’s 2011 Census reported that about 1.7-million of the country’s then-51.7-million population were “non-South African” citizens. The World Bank and U.N. put the migrant population at about 1.86-million people, according to a November, 2013 AfricaCheck report.

“While Zimbabweans are the largest single group of foreigners in South Africa, they are by no means the only one,” said Prof. Loren Landau, director of the African Centre for Migration and Society at Wits University. “There are significant numbers of Mozambicans and Basotho, to say nothing of other groups.”

Here’s a few famous South Africans you didn’t know were born in Zimbabwe.

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