East Africa’s Rising Profile As A High-Tech Hub Centre

Written by Kevin Mwanza


Tremendous growth in East Africa’s technology sector has started to turn heads, cementing the region has a high-tech hub. Technology hubs have sprung up across the region — from iHub in Nairobi to Hiveco Lab in Uganda and kLab in Rwanda. There are now more than 90 tech hubs across Africa, according to the World Bank.

These hubs are providing a place for tech start-ups, such as Jasper Onono’s ‘matatu’ card game in Uganda, to meet up, swap ideas and grow.

Investors have also started taking notice with bigwig companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel and IBM putting money into local startup accelerators and their own initiatives.

“If we can have a place where by when someone is listing top app we have one or two Kenyan or African ups that will go a long way in encouraging young people to believe that there is more potential than what they see. We are not just consumers of content, we are also creators of it,” Intel’s Business Development Manager, Rachel Gichiga, told Bloomberg TV.