Education App Takes Kenya’s School System By Storm

Written by Makula Dunbar


Finding it’s way into 5,000 public schools, the educational mobile software Eneza is used by more than 300,000 students in Kenya, according to CCTV Africa. One of the more impactful offerings in Africa’s tech education pool, the program — which students use on a phone given to them at school — helps with exposure to textbook material, quizzes and offerings in other classes. The program is planning on expanding next year to Ghana and Tanzania.

Co-founder Kago Kagichiri told CCTV Africa that the program has proven to spike results within the country’s educational system, both with students and teachers.

“We’ve seen that — from our impact study in 2012 — that students increased five percent in their scores,” Kagichiri said. “We tested it out in 2013, last year, with teachers being the driving ends of the platform and working with students. That improvement went up to 11 percent.”