South Africa Has Shockingly Low Murder Conviction Rates, New Stats Reveal

Written by Ann Brown

From News 24

With the release of crime stats in South Africa, let’s estimate how many murderers are walking among us in society.

According to the stats there are 47 people murdered each day in this country, which adds up to 17,155 per year. This is a staggering amount of murders. I can not fathom why this is not priority number one for government, anyway let us continue.

It was estimated that the conviction rate in South Africa is 10 percent for murder ( This is an appallingly low rate, 90 percent of people that murdered someone, taking their life in a violent, animalistic way, are still walking around. Are we just accepting this?..Sorry it is difficult to stay objective with something so horrific, yet accepted relatively quietly by the public.


Read more at News 24

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