16 Things You Didn’t Know About Xhosa

By Keren Mikva AFKI Original Published: June 5, 2014, 10:35am
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Xhosa is one of the most recognizable Bantu languages, mainly due to the prominence of its click consonants and its intense use of the letter “x,” used to denote some of the clicks. Spoken mostly in South Africa, but also in Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and other areas in Southern Africa, Xhosa is an interesting language with an even more interesting history. Here are 16 things you didn’t know about Xhosa.

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  • josh

    I want to know since the Xhosa clan originated from Nigeria and Cameroon, what two languages did they divide into? and are not all the clans from south Africa originally form the Zulu clan under shaka Zulu ?

  • Hessequa

    No. The orignial South African languages were the khoi and san languages. That is also why extensive bushmen rock art will be found all across Southern Africa. No all Southern African languages do not stem from xhosa or zulu. Zulu and Xhosa have the clicks in their language due to interaction, trade, marriage and conquest of various khoi and san groups.

  • Hessequa

    The history is freely available. do not be fooled into thinking that South Africa’s pre-colonial history began with the nguni migration. Tswana, Sotho Pedi groups also had similar forms of interaction, as can be noticed by the shared usage of the arab g, kh sounds in the languages.

  • Hessequa

    And by the way in khoekhoegowab a distinction was made between the nguni group as black people (#nu-khoi), themselves as khoi-khoi and white people as !uri-khoi