Sable Accelerator Helps South African Entrepreneurs In Silicon Valley

Written by Kevin Mwanza

South Africa has produced some famous Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Tesla’s  and Space-X Elon Musk and YouTube’s financier Roelof Botha. But it has not been easy for all South African entrepreneurs venturing in the Valley.

The Sable Accelerator, a consulting network of south African experts is now offering coaching and mentoring to emerging growth companies in South Africa seeking to access markets in America. Sable’s advisors offer their know-how on access to capital, licensing, markets and partners to companies venturing into this new market.

“If we can connect those experts who have bountiful knowledge and connections and expertise with innovators in South Africa I think we can make a lot of things happen,” Donovan Neale-May, founder The Sable Accelerator, told eNCAnews.

“They (South African Innovators) tend to be reserved. Business are done in a different way. It is a much more old-boy club-based approach  and this is why they do well in the UK, but when they come to America it’s a whole different ball game.”