Torrential Rains Kill More Than 60 In Burundi Capital

Torrential Rains Kill More Than 60 In Burundi Capital

More than 60 people were killed in flooding and landslides in Burundi overnight, the central African country’s government said on Tuesday. The rains, which started Sunday night and caused flooding in northern areas around the capital of Bujumbura, also injured more than 100 people, PressTV said.

The mud walled houses that litter the surbabs of the city could not with stand the heavy down pour. Bujumbura is on a plain that lies between a range of hills and Lake Tanganyika. storm swept away homes and cut off roads and power networks.

The government said in a statement posted on their website that it had identified about 50 bodies and  rescuers were still searching for more victims. It said it would pay for hospital bills for the injured and for burials of victims.

There is however little space for burial for all of the victims in the capital city of the tiny landlocked central African country, PressTV reported..