Sites To See: ‘7 Wonders Of Cape Verde’ Named

Written by Ann Brown

From Asemena

It was with a backdrop of music and applause that Cape Verdeans learned which natural monuments had been chosen as the country’s Seven Wonders. The islands of Sal and São Nicolau were the big winners, with two wonders each. Selected as wonders were Monte Gordo Natural Park and Carbeirinho beach on the island of São Nicolau, while Sal’s Pedra de Luma salt mines and Santa Maria beach were both selected for the list. The other wonders are Monte Cara mountain on São Vicente, Cape Verde has chosen its Seven Wonders. In the Mountains category, the winner is São Vicente’s Monte Cara (“Mount Face”), while in the category Volcanic Mounts and Areas, the main volcano on the island of Fogo took the trophy. In the category Islets, Rocky Outcrops and Cliffs, Carbeirinho, on the island of São Nicolau, was the winner.

The salt mines at Pedra de Lume on the island of Sal won in the category Bays, Coves and Humid Zones, while Santa Maria beach, on the same island, won in the category White or Black Sand Beach. The category of Dunes and Dune Corridors was won by Viana Desert, on the island of Boa Vista, while Monte Gordo Natural Park won in the category Landscapes of Scientific Interest.

The Noble Hall of the National Assembly was not completely full, but the ceremony was replete with music from all of Cape Verde’s islands, including mazurka, morna, funaná and talaia-baxo.

Following this first phase in the Seven Wonders of Cape Verde project, national legislator and president of the National Commission of the Seven Wonders of Cape Verde says that the next step will include taking advantage of and conserving all of Cape Verde’s wonders.

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