Tiburce Chaffa Says Job Creation is a Task for Africa’s Youth [Part 1 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Global Youth Innovation Network co-founder Tiburce Chaffa is a social entrepreneur who specializes in creating business opportunities for Africa’s youth. He recently visited AFKInsider‘s studio where he explained how his organization advocates for business education, start-up resources and tools from global leaders. In part one of the interview he elaborates on the importance of youth generating ideas that result in entrepreneurship, lessening reliance on the government and the problem of youth unemployment across Africa.

“Youth unemployment is a problem that’s real in Africa, it’s real in the United States, it’s real in India. My job as a social entrepreneur finds its foundation in the fact that I look at the African landscape and especially the realities that young people are going through,” he said.

“I thought that it would be interesting for a young person to come and address that issue from a youth perspective — not from a government perspective, not even from the office of a national organization. We have to accept the fact that the government cannot provide jobs for everyone anymore, it’s not possible.”