Q&A: Drinks.ng Allows Nigerians to Order Alcohol From the Comfort of Home

Q&A: Drinks.ng Allows Nigerians to Order Alcohol From the Comfort of Home

The large population and size of Nigeria is something that attracts investors and business executives to the country because it guarantees that even if a fraction of the population is interested in whatever they are selling or offering, that fraction could translate into several millions of people.

One of the most consumed products in Nigeria is alcohol. The availability of numerous brewing companies, each with tens of plants and thousands of depots confirm that there is a booming market for booze in Nigeria. The popular form of distribution however is via retailers and pubs otherwise known in Nigeria as beer parlors.

While hundreds of thousands of Nigerians throng the beer parlors nightly, many individuals who like to drink are not comfortable with making public appearances — hence the need for a more discrete booze delivery services.

This is where Drinks.ng comes in.

Established by Lanre Akinlagun, a graduate of marketing and multimedia at the London Guildhall University, the platform allows its visitors to discretely order all kinds of drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, popular energy drinks and choice spirits.

With his 9-year experience working in digital marketing at various international establishments, the marketing and multimedia expert said he was exposed to lots of technology. But that wasn’t enough.

It took the plight of his friend who had issues with ordering drinks at his wedding for Lanre to realize that there is a great challenge in Nigeria’s drinks supply chain – something that is also an opportunity for a smart businessman who has no experience in selling drinks; the only link he had then with drinks was as a consumer buying his own drinks, and maybe tipping the barman.

AFKInsider: How did a marketing and multimedia expert develop interest in selling drinks online in Nigeria?

Akinlagun: During the marriage ceremony of a friend, he had explained to me the difficulties faced when buying drinks in Nigeria for his wedding. His story planted the seed and I decided to explore further.

I found out that there is a growing trend and need for high-end alcoholic drinks. Likewise there is a growing number of expatriates and middle classes; furthermore, wine consumption was also rapidly rising.

Along with this is the question of convenience. Unfortunately, buying drinks on a large to medium scale is a very cumbersome experience and many have reiterated this message to me. To get the best deal you will have to either deal with a third party who would most likely sell you fake drinks. You may also try your luck with the jostling world of Oke-Arin main market.

AFKInsider: Basically, what is the business proposition for your company?

Akinlagun: Drinks.ng is simply an easy and reliable service where you get the drink supplies you want. The drinks we stock are of top quality and are sold at a good price, without any fuss, hassle or hustle.

AFKInsider: What is your target market and Drinks.ng-friendly demography?

Akinlagun: We are looking at people within the age of 21 and 40. At the moment we are looking at semi-professionals as well as everyday workers. Everybody drinks, that’s the beauty of our business.

AFKInsider: What forms of licensing did you obtain before commencing operations?

Akinlagun: We are retailers. Normally you are required to register with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and we did our tax registration. That’s all at the moment.

AFKInsider: Is there some form of restriction on your platform to prevent the underage from buying tequilas?

Akinlagun: We don’t do that on the site.

AFKInsider: Why?

Akinlagun: Because there is no way you can do that on the site. Lots of people don’t register with their correct information. Even if you use Facebook as a benchmark, you will need about 5 minutes on Facebook. But essentially for services on delivery, we don’t deal with people who are underage.