Opinion: What Should Africa Expect In Case Trump Is Elected US President?

Opinion: What Should Africa Expect In Case Trump Is Elected US President?

By Christopher Kayumba | From The East African via AllAfrica

The likelihood of the billionaire becoming US president has caused enormous distress both within his own country and across the world. Many see him as dangerous to the world due to his extra-nationalistic views, limited knowledge; low temperament and unpredictability.

So what should Africa expect in case Trump is elected president? While I think there is serious cause for the world to worry about the possibility of Trump being entrusted with nuclear weapons as president, I think he might not be very bad for Africa depending on where one stands on matters.

To explain, first, Trump is a straight shooter and takes a-no-prisoner approach towards individuals he dislikes.

Thus, since he has already pledged to deal swiftly with Africa’s dictators, recently informing US veterans in Washington that he “will lock Mugabe (Robert) and Museveni [Yoweri] in prison if I become president,” you can expect him to make their opponents happy.

Secondly, he seems to have limited comprehension of the world and might therefore save African leaders from lectures they have endured from his more sophisticated predecessors.

Thirdly, as some writers have argued, the man seems to crave praise and looks like someone who has never been loved. With their generous hearts, mastery of the art of praising and ability to organise lavish parties for guests, I think African leaders are capable of soothing and massaging the man’s huge ego and crave for attention.

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Fourth, the man seems to love worldly things like money, planes, expensive suits, beautiful things and the like. With the well documented appetites for similar treasures, I don’t see how or why our beloved leaders can fail to treat the man to his satisfaction to leave them in peace.

Dr Christopher Kayumba, PhD, is a senior lecturer at the School of Journalism and Communication, the University of Rwanda, and lead consultant at MGC Consult International Ltd.

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