8 South African Businesses That Are Making A Difference

8 South African Businesses That Are Making A Difference

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The success of South African businesses is the key to addressing unemployment and inequality in the country, while producing the kind of economic activity that will jump start a flailing economy and give life to a variety of industries.

There are many South Africans, young and old, who have started businesses in order to provide for their families, address a need or follow their dreams, and despite economic difficulties, some of these businesses are already beginning to taste success.

In fact, there are some businesses that deserve to be hailed for the way in which they make a difference to the communities that they support or the people that they assist.

We take a look at 8 businesses that are making their mark on South Africa by making a difference in one way or another.

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Affordable access to smartphones through ReWare – ibtimes.com


ReWare noticed a demand for affordable, high quality, leading brand smartphones from a trusted source, by those who cannot afford the high prices of new phones. The certified pre-owned smartphone concept gives South African consumers access to around 13 fully tested pre-owned certified smartphones in excellent operating condition.

MobiMeals in Johannesburg
South African Businesses – MobiMeals in Johannesburg


MobiMeals is a company operating in the Johannesburg area which produces healthy, nutritious home cooked style meals for delivery to families in the city who do not have the time to be able to cook on a daily basis. Food is made with fresh ingredients each day, and then delivered for working mothers and young professionals to enjoy.

1Accord help to give SMEs access to other value chains – Pixabay.com

1Accord Innovation Hub

This company allows businesses to elevate themselves from small businesses into bigger corporates, by giving them access to numerous value chains. By identifying the challenges that small businesses face, 1Accord is both an incubator and an accelerator, allowing businesses to commercialise and grow.

Construction companies build the future – urbanafrica.net

Mmena-Kwena Construction

This mid-tier construction business is doing more than just building structures, as it is now manufacturing different kinds of bricks with a view to creating employment opportunities for the people in communities where they work, while empowering the youth.

coffee to go
South African Businesses: Coffee with a conscience – Kitchenfriendly.com

The Social Project

Founded in 2015, the non-profit company dedicates all of their profits from coffee sold at nationwide pop-up stores to eradicating poverty through various initiatives. Customers who purchase a beverage able to see the effect of their support immediately through a display that shows how many meals have been provided at a learning centre during a day’s trading.

Tyre Recycling
Tyre Recycling thanks to Mathe Group – envirowaste.co.uk

Mathe Group

The Durban-based company is leading the way in tyre recycling, using sophisticated American technology to convert old tyres into useful products while benefiting the environment. The Mathe Group grounds the tyres into rubber crumbs which are made into innovative products such as rubber bricks and foundation for fields and playgrounds.

Startups get the support they need from this company – Thinkstock

Startup Mzansi Foundation

Known as the StartupGuy, Sandile Shabangu runs Startup Mzansi Foundation, which aims to help young people to start businesses or support them in growing their businesses by providing the necessary tools to have a successful business as a young entrepreneur.

Business intelligence solutions by AppConverge – Thinkstock


This black female owned business builds the reputation of women in command of IT businesses, which is rare in South Africa. It provides business intelligence solutions for companies as a tech business that goes against the grind in a male dominated industry.