Western Donors Fuel Renewed Attack On Pro-Life Laws In Africa

Western Donors Fuel Renewed Attack On Pro-Life Laws In Africa

By Steve Weatherbe | From  Life Site

A plague is attacking Africa, fed by money from developed and decadent nations in Europe and North America, leading politicians to weaken their pro-life constitutions and laws and allow abortion-on-demand.

Money and services from European governments and NGOs and American pro-abortion organizations like the Gates Foundation are behind renewed moves by the governments of Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, and Morocco to lift their abortion restrictions.

“Right now it is a concerted effort by a number of key organizations and governments aimed at the most vulnerable African countries,” Obianuju Ekeocha of Culture of Life Africa told LifeSiteNews from her London office.

“It is always the same technique. Go for the countries of east and southern Africa which are most liberal in matters of male-female sexual relations; produce inflated numbers about illegal abortion and resulting maternal mortality; use scare tactics to win over politicians.”

In Kenya, Health Minister James Macharia has just announced his intention to introduce guidelines specifying how women can get legal abortions. The minister admitted he hoped to avoid arousing the hostile response of the Catholic Church by presenting the guidelines as part of a larger package to cut maternal mortality.

“The last time we released the safe abortion guidelines, we were criticised especially by religious leaders as permitting and encouraging abortion,” Macharia said. “Unsafe abortions are not the only cause of deaths for women. So, we want to address this issue in a wholesome way rather than just focusing on abortion.”

The Catholic Church, which runs 54 hospitals and 83 health centers across the nation of 44 million, as well as medical and nursing schools, forced the government to withdraw the guidelines when last introduced in 2012.

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