How Zimbabwe Enticed Africa’s Richest Man To Invest In Cement

How Zimbabwe Enticed Africa’s Richest Man To Invest In Cement

From Zimbabwe Daily

Africa’s richest man Mr Aliko Dangote has always wanted to visit Zimbabwe to scout investment opportunities and to meet President Mugabe, whom he reveres as a true pan-Africanist, it has been learnt.

The Nigerian billionaire accomplished both missions on August 31, 2015 when he was the President’s guest at State House where he laid the groundwork for major investments in coal mining, energy and cement manufacturing.

After the meeting, both President Mugabe and Mr Dangote beamed, appearing pleased with their cordial interface.

Businesswoman and TV host Ms Josey Mahachi, who facilitated Mr Dangote’s visit, said the tycoon spoke of his admiration for President Mugabe.

“At their meeting at State House, Mr Dangote told President Mugabe that he had always wanted to meet and thank him for all he has done to make Africa a land for Africans.

“This has always been Alhaji Dangote’s message: Africa for Africans. Mr Dangote also told the President that he adores him because he is the only African leader who can call the Western world’s bluff.”

She added: “In addition, he revealed that on a number of occasions, he wanted to come to Zimbabwe, but nothing had materialised until I approached him and he accepted my invitation because of the passion I had shown.

“He also said prior to his coming, he had spoken to former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who then sent his regards to President Mugabe. After the meeting, it was clear President Mugabe was very happy.”

Ms Mahachi told The Sunday Mail how she tracked Mr Dangote over a year that involved flying to and around Nigeria more than 10 times.

His visit remained secretive until he landed at Harare International Airport at 6am on August 31 with only 10 people, among them Ms Mahachi’s husband Mr Jide Agbeniyi, and a few relatives and Government officials, present to welcome him.

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