NFF React To Congo Coach Le Roy’s Claims Of Maltreatment

NFF React To Congo Coach Le Roy’s Claims Of Maltreatment

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have reacted with surprise to comments from claims by Congo Under-23 coach Claude Leroy concerning the fact that his team were badly treated in the country ahead of their Olympic qualifying game against Nigeria in Port Harcourt at the weekend.

The 67-year-old coach claimed that his team were maltreated during their time in the country.

Speaking to the media at the post-match press conference following his side’s 2-1 loss to the Dream Team VI, Le Roy told SuperSport, “Nigeria is a big country and I do not think it is necessary to make us wait for more than one hour at the airport. We had to wait for an hour before the bus arrived at the airport to take us to the hotel. The hotel was also not good enough and I don’t think Nigeria should show this kind of behaviour.”

He added, “I know that the Nigerian team will be well-treated in Pointe-Noire so we obviously did not deserve this kind of treatment.”

Responding to the claims from the veteran Frenchman who has great experience coaching in Africa, NFF Executive committee member, Barrister Chris Green slammed the comments as unfounded.

“I must say that what Le Roy said is untrue. I am receiving these declarations from such a highly-respected coach with shock and disappointment. I can tell you without mincing words that the Congolese were treated like kings upon arriving in Nigeria,” the NFF representative told SuperSport.

“They were lodged at the five-star Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt-the same hotel where the Nigerian team stayed without any complaints. Even Leroy was kept in a special Presidential suite at the hotel and their team was never delayed at the airport,” he added.

The claims from Le Roy have insulted the Nigerian football authorities, who will now send their U-23 side to Pointe-Noire on August 2 for the second leg of the Olympic qualifying tie between the two countries.