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New Reports Add to South Africa’s Fracking Debate

By D.A. Barber, 12:08pm AFKI Original

South Africa is moving more rapidly than most countries with its plans to develop its potentially huge shale gas resources. But that gas is only accessible by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” and that means finding large volumes of water, which some new reports say is a risky business challenge. According to a Sept. 2 market research report by Allied Market research, Global Shale Gas Market – Industry Analysis, Trends, Share, Opportunities and Forecast, 2013 – 2020the global shale gas market is forecast to reach $104.1 billion by 2020. Shale gas reserves in Africa are estimated at over 1.3 trillion cubic feet — with over 400 trillion cubic feet estimated to be in South Africa’s Karoo Basin

One Step Forward, One Step Back in South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan Thinkstock By Andrew Friedman, 02:20pm AFKI Original

Despite the rampant sexual violence and the potential that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed during the 10 month conflict, there has been recent progress. In addition to the framework agreement in Arusha, the country managed to avert a massive famine that had been seen as all but inevitable by the international community. While these steps forward are important, it is vital that the ceasefire holds and more is done to stave off war crimes and sexual violence in the country. As grim as some of the stories coming out of the country are, all movement forward must start with peace. The Arusha agreement is an important first step.

Zambian President Michael Sata Dies At London Hospital

Photo: Zambian Intelligence News By Makula Dunbar, 10:17am

Zambian President Michael Sata, who was nicknamed “King Cobra” for his fiery comebacks and larger-than-life personality, has died. He was 77. Sata had traveled to London for unspecified medical treatment last week, and died at a hospital there Tuesday evening. Officials did not disclose a cause of death.

10 Tweets About Zambian President Michael Sata’s Death

AP Photos By Becca Blond, 02:46pm AFKI Original

Zambian President Michael Sata died Oct 28 in London. Social media are abuzz with memoriums. CNN tweeted this quote: “We lost a man who devoted his whole life to his country.” A Fox News tweet pointed out that Zambia’s vice president, who is a white, is now acting president, making Zambia the first African country in post-colonial history to have a white man in the office of the president. Here are 10 Tweets About Zambian President Michael Sata’s death.

Bafana Bafana Soccer Captain Dead In Botched Robbery

Photo: http://www.soccerladuma.co.za/news/articles/leagues/south-african-premier-soccer-league/meyiwa-to-miss-stars-clash/152902 By Dana Sanchez, 09:21am

Senzo Meyiwa began playing for the Pirates in 2005, and made his debut with Bafana Bafana, the national team, in June 2013, CNN reports. The goalkeeper didn’t concede a single goal in the last four games in the African Nations Cup qualifiers. Police said he was shot by intruders who went into a house in the Vosloorus township near Johannesburg.

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    Discovering Cooking And Culture In Fez

    fez By Karen Elowitt, 03:32am

    Donkeys and mules laden with pails of milk and baskets of goods are led slowly through the streets, some whip-thin, others broader; we stop in our tracks at the sight of the doe-eyed, reluctant beasts. In the gentle lilt of Moroccan Arabic the donkey minders shoo us out the way. We sample a market breakfast of large flat breads, such as harcha, the semolina pan-fried bread made with butter and milk with a spicy relish, olives and later dates. Having skipped breakfast, we tuck in with gusto. Men and women in plain djebella are buying their breakfasts here too. I watch them keenly, taking in the easy conversations they are having with vendors, the patient haggling, the packages wrapped up and new customers moving in to the front. It’s a rhythm of the everyday here in Fez – food is bought fresh from a market, as it always has been.

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    North Korea Working To Deepen Security Ties In Uganda

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 06:15pm

    North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam, was to visit Uganda on Wednesday with the aim of sealing deals to strengthen security ties, the presidency in Kampala said. “We are receiving a high-level delegation from North Korea,” Tamale Mirundi, spokesperson for Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, told AFP.

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    Africa To Supply Europe With Solar Power

    By Dana Sanchez, 05:48pm

    Just 0.3 percent of the Saharan Desert’s solar energy can provide Europe with all its electrical power needs, VOA reports. Nur Energy, a Tunisian solar power plant in the Sahara, may start sending power to Western Europe by 2018, generating almost twice the electricity of an average nuclear plant and supplying two million homes in Europe once it’s fully operational.

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    What You Need To Know Before Travelling To Africa With Kids

    public-domain-image.com By Karen Elowitt, 05:36pm

    They say everything changes when you have children. This is true for some people, and not so much for others. But one thing is for sure: the way you take your vacations will most certainly need adjusting. Read on to find out all you need to know about travelling with your kids to the beautiful, complicated, frustrating, and rewarding continent of Africa.

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    Nigerian Bourse Wants Mobile Companies To List Publicly

    Thinkstock By Dana Sanchez, 03:25pm

    Although Nigeria is the continent’s top crude oil producer, the Nigerian Stock Exchange has few oil companies and utilities as well as lacking telecommunications companies. But the Nigerian Stock Exchange said it’s making some progress in persuading four mobile-phone companies in Africa’s largest economy to sell shares.

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    WHO: Ebola Spread Calming Down In Liberia

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 03:15pm

    The World Health Organization said Wednesday that the spread of Ebola may be slowing in Liberia, one of the three West African countries most ravaged by the deadly virus. Dr. Bruce Aylward, the organization’s assistant director general, in a dial-in news conference from its Geneva offices, said that there had been a drop in the number of burials

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    10 Ways Ebola Has Affected Sports

    HuffPost.com By Keren Mikva, 10:46am AFKI Original

    The Sierra Leone team faced taunting and disrespect due to the stigma of Ebola. During matches against the DRC and Cameroon, fans began “Ebola” chants. Opponents have refused to shake hands, and some have even refused to do the traditional jersey swapping post-game. This is ongoing. Sierra Leone’s goalkeeper, John Trye, said, “You feel humiliated, like garbage, and you want to punch someone.” Ebola-related questions have emerged about whether the much-anticipated 2015 African Cup of Nations will go on. Here are 10 ways Ebola has affected sports.

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    10 Most-Watched TV Shows In Kenya In 2014

    youtube.com By Mark Rausch, 10:03am AFKI Original

    Kenya’s youngest millionaires are featured as they change the economic landscape of their country in “Young Rich,” a documentary series shown on K24 TV. This show features BMWs and fancy mansions galore, and it’s the No.3 most-watched TV show in Kenya. With a 44-million-plus population, at least 30 percent of Kenyan households own a TV set. Here’s the 10 most-watched TV shows in Kenya so far in 2014.

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