Editorial: Will Robert Be The Last Mugabe To Lead Zimbabwe?

By Andrew Friedman, 02:27am AFKI Original

As the end draws nearer for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s time in power, his wife, Grace Mugabe, has become part of the succession debate. Of the three potential contenders said to be likely Mugabe choices, one holds the support of the most powerful state institutions, one holds the support of the populace and one seems to hold nothing but a belief in the power of nepotism. Unfortunately, as Grace’s aggressive campaigning continues and her husband changes the rules allowing him to appoint his successor, it appears she may be right.

Can Libya Remain One Country?

A Qaddafi supporter holds a portrait of the Libyan leader as fireworks go up in the background on a soccer field. (Photo: By Andrew Friedman, 06:14am AFKI Original

Just how chaotic has Libya become in the time since longtime dictator Moammar Gaddafi’s bloody ouster in 2011? There is a real chance that in the coming months there will no longer be only one Libya. Since August, the country has been under the rule of two parliaments, both backed by militias. One formed after elections were held in June and one re-instituted after those elections.

AFKI Commodities Report: OPEC Helps Push Oil Prices Down

Thinkstock By Lynda Davies, 09:56am AFKI Original

At a time when global demand for oil shows signs of slowing, crude prices have fallen more than a third since June. Prices were already trading at their lowest in four years as U.S. crude production soared to its highest level in 30 years on the back of the country’s oil shale-drilling boom. The upward spike in gold prices followed an unexpected cut in Chinese interest rates — Beijing’s first in two years — aimed at stimulating growth. Some market participants and analysts predict smaller cocoa crops will drive a deficit. Others predict a surplus.

Lawsuits, Dissension Could Rule Zambia’s Presidential Elections

Zambia's Acting President Guy Scott (Photo Courtesy By Andrew Friedman, 06:34am AFKI Original

When Zambia’s President Michael Sata died Oct. 28, the country was momentarily without a chief executive. Under ordinary circumstances, this would set off a predictable succession spelled out in the country’s constitution. Often, the second in command, or deputy president, takes the reins of the mourning country. However, with a number of wanna-bes vying for the top job in Zambia, it may left to the courts to interpret succession.

Top Renewable Energy Investment Destinations In Africa

Ghana is a top investment destination Photo: AfDB By D.A. Barber, 02:09pm AFKI Original

A new online tool ranks 19 sub-Saharan African countries for their potential as renewable energy investment destinations. South Africa ranked third out of 55 in the world and No. 1 in Africa. Kenya and Uganda made it onto the list’s top 10 in Africa. Despite the current development challenges, Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone and Liberia also made the list of 19 top African nations. Green energy is expected to supply half of Africa’s new power generation by 2040, according to an October International Energy Agency report.

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    Addis Ababa For The Business Traveller

    Addis_Abeba01_(Sam_Effron) By Karen Elowitt, 07:00pm

    Twenty-odd years ago the words “business traveller” and “Addis Ababa” didn’t often get uttered in the same sentence. Today that’s all changed. In the space of two decades Addis has gone from forgotten backwater — where a business traveller could easily have found themselves taking half a day to make a simple five-minute international phone call — to a city with a strong and ever-growing infrastructure built with the business traveller in mind. Here’s what you need to know about the business hotels and other facilities that cater to the business traveller in Addis.

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    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Post-Apartheid Coloured Culture By Aniela Swider, 12:46pm AFKI Original

    Classified as “coloured” by the apartheid government, people of mixed black and white heritage have long lived in South Africa as a distinct group of people with a diverse culture and history. It is not uncommon to hear Muslim prayer summons in areas highly populated by coloured people. Practicing coloured Muslims take great interest in Middle Eastern events. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about post-apartheid coloured culture.

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    Some Of The Best-Read Tabloid Front Pages In Africa

    Daily Sun By Adrian Brune, 11:46am AFKI Original

    When South African President Nelson Mandela died in December, his widow, the usually outspoken Winnie Mandela, initially remained silent after she was left out of the will. Then the Oct. 15 edition of the Daily Sun ran this headline: “Winnie Goes To War.” According to the report, “the Mother of the Nation has decided to fight for the house in Qunu!” Britain doesn’t have the monopoly on aggressive tabloids. Here are some of the best-read tabloid front pages in Africa in recent years.

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    Winter Wonderland: 15 Photos Of Snowy Places In Africa

    The remaining glaciers on the summit of Mount
Kilimanjaro. Global warming is shrinking the glaciers and it
is thought that soon Kilimanjaro will no longer be snow capped. 
Photo by Hannah Barkan By Karen Elowitt, 03:56am

    I bet you thought there was only snow on Kilimanjaro, huh? Not so, as these pictures will show you. Many places in Africa routinely receive snow, including some not shown here. The Sahara even had a rare snow event in 1979, in which sand dunes were covered with the fluffy white stuff. Africa’s three main glaciers (in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania) are areas that routinely receive fresh powder, plus parts of southern Africa and the Atlas Mountains in the north — but there are others, too!

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    12 Things You Need To Know About The Power Struggle In Zambia By Keren Mikva, 02:26am AFKI Original

    It is unclear whether Michael Sata’s son and widow will have an edge in gaining the presidential nomination given their relationship to the former president. Lee Habasonda, president of the Zambian chapter of Transparency International, said, “Zambia is a democracy and we tend to shy away from dynasties.” Here’s a look at the ongoing power struggle in Zambia following the death of President Michael Sata.

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    10 Things you Didn’t Know About Carmen Ejogo By Mark Rausch, 02:00am AFKI Original

    There’s Oscar buzz about this Nigerian-British actor for her performance as Coretta Scott King in “Selma,” directed by American auteur Ava DuVernay. It will be released during this holiday season. The Oscar buzz is also deafening for David Oyelowo as Dr. King. Take a peek at most Academy Awards prediction sites. Her name pops up frequently on the supporting actress prognosticator’s list. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Carmen Ejogo.

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    Where To Eat Traditional Ethiopian Food In Addis Ababa

    wat and injera By Karen Elowitt, 06:05pm

    Ethiopia has one of the world’s great cuisines. Seriously. It’s varied, spicy, healthy and utterly unlike anything else you might have eaten before. So, while the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, has an exciting array of restaurants serving flavours from around the world (Italian cuisine is particularly well represented), anyone venturing here and eating only European and Asian food is missing out on one of the most memorable aspects of Ethiopian travel.

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    Demand For Sub-Saharan Africa Bonds To Continue Into 2015

    By Kevin Mwanza, 09:24am

    Sub-Sahara Africa has witnessed one of the greatest years in bond issuance on the international market with nearly $15 billion sold by mostly government from the region, according to figures from Dealogic, and the region’s economic progress remains contingent on overseas investment. Tanzania and Ethiopia are both believed to be making plans to debut on global capital markets in the near future, joining recent first-time borrowers such as Kenya, Rwanda and Ivory Coast.

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