Strategy in Africa Microsoft 4Afrika launches a new AppFactory Academy in Ethiopia. Photo - MicrosoftAFKI Original

Why Small Business Is Key To Microsoft’s Strategy In Africa

Rail investment - Addis Ababa's metro rail network. Photo - CNN Addis Ababa's metro rail network. Photo - CNNAFKI Original

Financing Mass Transport In Africa To Kickstart Urban Development

The wearable tech market is growing in Africa. Photo - Engadget The wearable tech market is growing in Africa. Photo - Engadget

Wearable Tech Market Shows Impressive Growth In Africa

tech innovators - Somali tech entrepreneur Abdigani Diriye. Photo - Ground Report Somali tech entrepreneur Abdigani Diriye. Photo - Ground ReportAFKI Original

12 African Tech Innovators Worth Following On Twitter

Mastercard and NetPlus deliver cashless e-commerce in Nigeria. Photo - Payments Afrika Mastercard and NetPlus deliver cashless e-commerce in Nigeria. Photo - Payments Afrika

Nigerian Startup Partners With Mastercard To Make Cashless E-Commerce A Reality

Egyptian developers take part in the Facebook Developer Challenge. Photo - American University of Cairo Egyptian developers take part in the Facebook Developer Challenge. Photo - American University of Cairo

Egyptian Submissions Succeed In Facebook Developer Challenge

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    European Tech Conference Focuses On African Tech Entrepreneurship

    Tech Conference By Staff, 9:10 am

    AFROBYTES Tech Conference is undoubtedly Europe’s preeminent Africa-focused gathering of entrepreneurs, business executives, investors, academics, politicians and media interested in acting on the commercial opportunities presented by Africa’s tech and innovation industry. Earlier this month, the event was held in the heart of Paris for the second year in a row, and once again enjoyed the enthusiastic support of France’s largest employer federation, the Movement of the Enterprises of France.

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    World’s First Commercial Drone Delivery Service Operates In Rwanda

    drone delivery service By Staff, 8:47 am

    The world’s first commercial drone delivery service operates from a hill in the middle of Rwanda. From here, Zipline, a San Francisco-based robotics company, delivers blood by drone to almost half of all Rwanda’s blood transfusion centers. Orders are made online, by text, phone, or WhatsApp. An order has come in for a hospital about two hours away by car. The drone delivers the package in 20 minutes. “To have a proven model here first in Rwanda is amazing,” says Maggie Jim, Zipline.

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    Prepping African Companies For Growth In The Digital Environment

    Digital Environment By Staff, 8:32 am

    Epicor customer event highlighted how local businesses can use technology trends and strategies to become regionally and globally competitive. Driven by significant growth in smartphone adoption, Africa is poised to become the skills pool for the world. Underpinned by innovation solutions derived from trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, the continent has become an attractive target for international investment. This is according to Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx.

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    London and Nairobi-based Venture Firm Raises $40M For Tech Startups In Sub-Saharan Africa

    venture firm By Staff, 11:33 am

    London and Nairobi-based venture firm TLcom Capital has raised $40 million for its new Africa fund. The target is $100 million. TIDE Africa Fund will focus on tech startups in Sub-Saharan Africa. TIDE Africa Fund will make investments between $500,000 and $10 million per company. TLcom Capital, the VC fund started in London two decades ago with more than $300 million under management and tech investments announced that commitments to the TIDE Africa Fund have hit US$40 million.

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    Rwanda Debuts New Africa ‘Shark Tank’ For Startup Pitches, ‘Face The Gorillas’

    Shark Tank By Staff, 11:14 am

    African startups can now score capital commitments real time―so long as they convince a venture capitalist to give it to them in front of a live audience. That’s the format for “Face The Gorillas,” a Rwandan IT pitch series that runs several times a year on local TV, YouTube, and at events. The competition was originally conceived in 2013 by Yariv Cohen and wife Angela Homsi―who became engaged in Rwanda’s tech scene through impact investment firm Kaenaat and the Ignite Power Solar initiative.

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    South Africa Tops List Of African Countries With The Most Tech Hubs

    tech hubs By Staff, 10:43 am

    Africa is known as the motherland, the birth of mankind, where it all began. Yet for many years it has also been called the “dark continent” due to the rate of development of many countries. This perception is changing quickly, with hundreds of tech hubs, who are creating cutting-edge technology products and services, popping up all over the continent, making the rest of the world take notice. A tech hub is an area of IT landscape by which people come together and breed innovations.

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    12 Issues Africa Needs To Address To Be More Globally Competitive

    Kenya Stock Exchange - East African Stock Markets By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:38 pm AFKI Original

    Africa is a continent of great opportunity and potential, but as a whole, the continent needs to work to become more globally competitive for the benefit of industries such as tech to truly thrive. Africa competes for foreign direct investment with other emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Africa needs to address a number of key issues in order to rival their main competitors in the market and carve out a competitive landscape that will attract foreign direct investment. Africa’s average competitiveness ranking is 21 percent compared to Latin America and The Caribbean’s average ranking of 40 percent, and Asia’s average ranking of 57 percent.

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    5 Big Business Misconceptions About Sub-Saharan Africa That Need To Go Away

    Business in Africa is often more sophisticated than some people realise. Photo - Jumpstart By Kurt Davis Jr., 1:32 pm AFKI Original

    It is surprising how many business people assume Africa is behind the times in technology. Infrastructure may be a problem…but technology is a different story, and in fact, innovation and active appreciation for the wonders of technology are present throughout the continent. Sub-Saharan Africa, in many instances, can make a Western business person feel like they underuse their mobile phone…or simply feel behind the times when they do not know how to use M-Pesa.

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