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Things You Need To Know About The 12 Richest Nigerian States

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Victory For Muhammadu Buhari, Now He Faces Huge Economic Challenges

Cairo (Photo: Knight Frank 2015 Report) Cairo (Photo: Knight Frank 2015 Report)

Strong Demographics To Attract More Real Estate Investments To Africa

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What’s The State Of Insurance In South Africa?

Winifred Selby (Photo: Anzisha Prize) Winifred Selby (Photo: Anzisha Prize)

How A 15 Year Old Girl Built A Bamboo Bikes Business In Ghana

http://www.ventures-africa.com/2015/01/how-bill-gates-plans-to-help-africa-feed-itself/ http://www.ventures-africa.com/2015/01/how-bill-gates-plans-to-help-africa-feed-itself/

12 Things To Know About The Gates Foundation In Africa

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    Five Of Our Favorite Durban Hotels

    Hotel Exterior By Becca Blond, 5:30 pm

    As South Africa’s third-largest city, Durban has plenty of sleeping options for all budgets, with dozens of hotels, inns, guesthouses and backpackers to choose from. Here we round up five favorite Durban hotels for every price bracket, from the ocean to the city center.

  • Business

    Dubai-Based Abraaj Raises $1.3B For Two African Funds

    arabiangazette.com By Staff, 12:20 pm

    Abraaj Group has raised about US$1.3 billion for two funds investing in Africa to tap into the continent’s economic growth, a person familiar with the deal said. One fund focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa will be about $1bn, while the second North African fund will be more than $300 million, the source said. Abraaj, with assets of about $7.5bn, has been boosting its reach with investments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Agriculture

    Things To Do In Stellenbosch When You’re Almost Broke

    Photo: adventureshop.co.za By Dana Sanchez, 12:17 pm AFKI Original

    An hour outside Cape Town, Stellenbosch is in the heart of South African wine country, surrounded by vineyards and buzzing with business and tourist opportunities. You can get tipsy just thinking about it. South Africa is a major wine exporter — No. 9 in the world. Stellenbosch can be expensive. Here are some things to do in Stellenbosch when you’re almost broke.

  • Politics

    Jonathan Concedes Defeat: What Could A Buhari Presidency Mean?

    sunnewsonline.com By Kevin Mwanza, 11:22 am

    Nigeria’s opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari of the took an early lead a presidential election pitting him and the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan as front runners and that could turn out to be one of the most historic for the Africa’s largest economy. According to a Reuters tally from 33 of Nigeria’s 36 states, the 72-year-old Buhari had more than 14 million votes

  • Business

    Tanzania Seeks $14.2B Loan To Build New Rail Network In Five Years

    alluvium-journal.org By Staff, 8:31 am

    Tanzania plans to spend $14.2 billion to construct a new rail network in the next five years financed with commercial loans, the transport minister said, as the country aims to become a regional transport hub. Tanzania, like its neighbour Kenya, wants to profit from its long coastline and upgrade existing rickety railways and roads to serve growing economies in the land-locked heart of Africa.

  • Tech

    Easy Taxi Ramps Up App In Kenya In Face Off With Uber

    kenyabuzz.com By Kevin Mwanza, 6:54 am

    The entrance of Uber into Africa’s taxi app market has caused a number of alternative taxi startups operating on the continent lost their market share and rethink their business approach. One of these app is Easy Taxi. Backed by Rocket Internet, Easy Taxi is transport app startup that operates in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia and is often dubbed the world’s farthest-reaching taxi app

  • Tourism

    15 Unethical Tourist Traps To Avoid In Africa

    Photo: United Nations Environment Program By Karen Elowitt, 5:38 am

    There are things you can do in Africa that are not available anywhere else in the world. But be warned: there are some aspects of tourism on the continent that take advantage of the people and abuse the environment in unethical ways. Here’s how to avoid them.

  • Business

    With Social Media, Everyone’s A Celebrity

    Lagos nigeria booming economy By Staff, 8:29 pm

    It’s not just about the big corporations. Individuals in Africa are using social media to build personal brands to help them get jobs or to win fans. More African CEOs and executives are becoming visible on social media, particularly Twitter, which makes networking your way into an opportunity easier than ever.

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