A Qaddafi supporter holds a portrait of the Libyan leader as fireworks go up in the background on a soccer field. (Photo: thisisthewhat.com) A Qaddafi supporter holds a portrait of the Libyan leader as fireworks go up in the background on a soccer field. (Photo: thisisthewhat.com)

The Gaddafi Effect: Why Libya Can’t Host The Africa Cup Of Nations

By Andrew Friedman, 05:25am AFKI Original

On Friday August 22 representatives of the Libyan sporting community, including the country’s Minister of Youth and Sports and the Libyan Football Federation’s President went to Egypt to meet with Confederation of African Football (“CAF”) President Issa Hayatou. The delegation met with Hayatou to inform him that, due to the country’s crisis of governance and instability, it would be unable to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, a biannual tournament to determine the best soccer club on the African continent. While Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana have already announced bids to host the 2017 event, this step, officially due to Libya’s “unstable security situation,” demonstrates just how far the country has fallen since the ebullience that immediately followed longtime strongman Moammar Gaddafi’s ouster.

Ebosse’s Death In Algeria Shows The Ugly Side Of North African Football

Albert Ebossé Bodjongo (photo: journalducameroun.com) By Maher Mezahi, 06:26am AFKI Original

It is not unusual to see West African players, searching to eventually make a career in Europe, use the North African leagues as springboards. The Arab leagues are richer and tend to garner more exposure than most West African championships. But the resent death of Cameroonian pro-player Ebosse showed an ugly side of North Africa football.

The Lesser Of Two Goods: Ethiopian Flowers Or Food?

Ethiopian flower farmer (Photo: hypericumcoco.com) By Anna B. Wroblewska, 05:03am AFKI Original

Ethiopian flowers are likely to become a hit in the international auction market bolstered by foreign investment such as KKR & Co., an American private equity fund, maiden venture into Africa through Ethiopia’s sweetheart rose producer Afriflora. But where does this leave the country in terms of food security? This question becomes poignant when considering that 40 percent of the nation’s 80 million people are undernourished, according to an estimate by the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Lesotho’s Deputy Prime Minister Takes Over After Military Coup

lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane (Photo: Reuters) By Kevin Mwanza, 09:20am

Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane accused Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing of helping to plan a coup by the army that forced the prime minister to flee the country. Metsing took charge of the government once Thabane had fled the country for neighbouring South Africa. Thabane left on Saturday, after the army surrounded his residence and police stations in Lesotho’s capital, Maseru.

South African Domestic Worker Gets Raves On ‘Master Chef’

index(17) By Ann Brown, 09:00pm

From The Telegraph A South African domestic worker who landed a spot in the popular ‘Master Chef’ TV series is causing a stir in a country where household staff are usually seen but not heard. Siphokazi Mdlankomo, a 39-year-old based in Cape Town, debuted to rave reviews on the show, with viewers happy to see […]

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    Uganda is not, after all, jumping onto Africa’s sovereign bandwagon. The East African country, a perennial candidate in the continent along with Ethiopia and Algeria to issue dollar-denominated debt, not only says that it is not ready to debut in the global capital markets but has also warned others about the dangers.

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    Nigerian Tech Incubator Creates $500M Fund For Startups

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    Technology development plays a crucial role in furthering any country’s capabilities, and it’s for that reason that Nigerian incubation centre Co-Creation Hub has made $500 million available for funding ideas, trials and experimentation of tech startups in the country. Startups who apply for the funding over the next two years will be given between $10,000 and $25,000 to experiment with different business models and develop their operational strategy, and Vacantboards, Truppr, Traclist, 500shops and GeniiGames has already received its initial funding.

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    Why China Believes Africa Is The Next Superpower

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    From Forbes Not that “Africa” is a country, of course, but it helps to look at broad, continent-wide trends. People are reluctant to the idea of demographics as the great driver of history. In the general case, this might be true. But the 21st century will see an unprecedented situation: one where every continent will […]

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    Understanding African Nationalism

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    From iOL African Nationalism was a response of Africans to the conquest, enslavement, the subjugation, plunder, and exploitation, of Africa by the powerful nations of Europe. Many other countries and peoples have had that similar experience in history. There is, however, something singular, unique, about the African experience. Because Africans had black skin color, the […]

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    African Extremists: A Growing Concern

    index(13) By Ann Brown, 04:00pm

    From  Yahoo! Amid fears Islamic State fighters are inspiring jihadists outside the Middle East, analysts warn it has emboldened extremists in Africa operating in voids left by weak governments and rampant corruption. The United States has described the IS group in Iraq and Syria as the strongest-ever Islamist threat with its “apocalyptic end of days” […]

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    African, Somali Troops Retake Town From Rebels

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