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Business Opportunity When Eskom Can’t Keep The Lights On

Dr. Sindi van Zyl
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How A South African Doctor Is Using Social Media To Destigmatise AIDS

Final Malaria Vaccine Trial Gives Hope To Many African Children


The ‘Unwritten Law’ Of Doing Business In Oil-Rich Angola

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Growing Chorus To Boycott South African Products, Services

Oil prices have dropped globally after OPEC refused to cut supply. (photo courtesy of Oil prices have dropped globally after OPEC refused to cut supply. (photo courtesy of

A Commodity Price Fall May Not Be That Bad For Sub-Saharan Africa

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    English Language Ability A Good Indicator Of African Cell Phone Ownership, Says Pew

    509009765 woman talking on mobile phone cell phone By Staff, 3:00 am

    The Pew report underscores the proliferation of cell phone use in sub-Saharan Africa, VOA reports. In 2002, 10 percent of the population of Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana owned a mobile phone, said Pew. Now about two thirds of respondents surveyed in seven countries say they own a cell phone. Ownership is especially high in South Africa and Nigeria, where about nine in 10 have a cell phone.

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    Are MTN, Safaricom Partnering To Monopolize Cross-Border Mobile Money Transactions?

    Getty By Staff, 2:00 am

    MTN Rwanda subscribers will soon be able to make cross-border mobile money transactions, thanks to a deal MTN Group signed with Vodafone Group. It’s part of part of MTN’s wider plan to facilitate cross-border mobile money transfers in the region and ease the cost of doing business, said MTN Rwanda’s head of mobile money.

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    Can Heat-Resistant Beans Cushion Farmers Against Climate Change?

    MexicoNewsNetwork/HuffingtonPost By Staff, 1:00 am

    Researchers have developed 30 new types of heat-resistant beans expected to withstand effects of climate change in Africa. The new lines were developed by conventional breeding methods of cross-pollination in Colombia, which included cutting the developing embryo from the young pod and culturing it in the laboratory.

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    New EU-Backed Private Equity Fund To Invest In Sub-Sahara Energy

    Lake Turkana Wind Power Project 
Photo: By Staff, 7:00 pm

    The EU-backed Electricity Access Fund plans to invest up to $60 million in around 20 businesses over five years. The fund will rely on capital paid by the EU’s 28 governments and aims to provide access to electricity for 1 million low-income people. Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and eventually West Africa, will be the main targets for investment. But blending public and private funds to pay for large-scale investments has its critics.

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    Who Is Chuka Umunna, And Why Should You Care?

    By Staff, 3:00 pm

    A Labour Party MP, Chuka Umunna’s mixed-race background prompted reports that he could be Britain’s Barack Obama. There’s speculation that he could be a future candidate for Labour party leadership, something he dismisses. Who is Chuka Umunna? For starters, his father was a Nigerian immigrant and his mum, the daughter of an Anglo-Irish judge.

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    Who Is The South African Billionaire Investor Behind Nando’s?

    Nando’s co-founders Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin
Photo: TheSouthAfrican By Staff, 1:00 pm

    Few people know that Dick Enthoven is not only the owner of Spier Wine Farm and Hollard Insurance Company Ltd., but also the investor behind South African Nando’s restaurant chain, whose famous peri-peri chicken took the world by storm. Nando’s has become one of South Africa’s biggest export success stories with more than 1,100 restaurants in 22 countries including 250-plus in the U.K.

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    Tanzania’s METL Group Eyes Other African Markets As Middle Class Grows By Staff, 5:11 am

    Manufacturing and trading firm Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd, one of the country’s biggest private employers, said on Friday it would invest $250 million to expand its business in Africa to capitalise on a growing middle class demand. Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Dewji also told Reuters he was upbeat about prospects in Tanzania, whose economy has been growing at about 7 percent a year

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    7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Ghana Outside Accra

    Nigeria Bulletin By Staff, 4:53 am

    Ghana has a fair share of natural and man-made tourist attractions that will keep you resident in the West African country for as long as you can manage; there are natural rock formations, waterfalls, wildlife reserves, and castles among others to see and enjoy. Here are just a few of them outside of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

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