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Will Obama’s Power Africa Initiatives Survive The New Congress?

By D.A. Barber, 10:44am AFKI Original

When the new Republican-led 114th Congress convenes in January, it will be tasked with dealing with some important legislation – all harbingers of U.S.-Africa relations for 2015 – and further into the decade. The Energize Africa Act has been waiting for Senate action since this past summer; the U.S. Export-Import Bank’s temporary authorization runs out in June 2015; and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is up for re-authorization in Sept. 2015. The latter was passed in 2000 and Africa has changed a lot since then. One thing is for sure, Republicans are not known for being supportive of foreign aid programs.

AFKI Commodities Report: Oil Price Plunge Continues

Thinkstock By Lynda Davies, 02:27pm AFKI Original

Oil prices continue to nosedive, with Brent North Sea crude and U.S. light sweet crude now trading at their lowest levels in more than five years. The United Arab Emirates Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei told news media OPEC would refrain from reducing output even if prices fall as low as $40 a barrel.

Forget The Russian Ruble, Nigeria’s Naira Is In Trouble

Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Photo by Bloomberg. By Kevin Mwanza, 09:49am

Trading in the Nigerian Naira had to be halted on Thursday after traders got confused with a new rule introduced by the country’s central banks to try and limit speculation in the local currency that has seen it tumble against the dollar in the last quarter of this year. Bloomberg reported that the Naira has dropped 12 percent to trade at 190 against the dollar since Oct. 1 as investors dropped Nigerian assets

12 Young Players To Watch Out For At AFCON 2015

kickoff.com By Maher Mezahi, 10:04am AFKI Original

With the Africa Cup of Nations just a month away, AFKSports takes a look at the best players under the age of 22 looking to make their names in Equatorial Guinea. Some of these starlets are established household names while others are unknown up and comers. But we can guarantee that all are bound to catch your eye come January 17.

12 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt

Flickr.com By Julia Austin, 07:29am AFKI Original

The mention of Egypt alway bring to mind scenes of a desert land dotted with pyramids and mummies. The history of the North African country is one of the richest in the world ans that makes it one of the most visted countries. But there is much more to ancient Egypt than mummification and Cleopatra’s milk baths. That being said, those facts hint at a culture that had highly evolved medical practices, and valued ceremony and luxury.

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    Can Only The Wealth Afford Botswana’s Luxury Safaris?

    index(25) By Ann Brown, 03:00pm

    From Traveler 24 In a luxury tourist lodge in Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve, guests are sipping cold drinks. The elegant, air-conditioned bar offers a magnificent view of the desert outside, where elephants or giraffes sometimes pass by. If outsiders try to enter here, they are promptly told to leave. The lodge has been reserved […]

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    Move Over Nigeria! Niger, Benin, Mali, Cameroun More Prosperous

    images(9) By Ann Brown, 02:00pm

    From Premium Times Despite its latest status as Africa’s biggest economy, and its government’s claim of improved standard of living, Nigeria was not only one of the world’s least prosperous countries in 2014, but also one of Africa’s poorest beaten by smaller nations like Niger, Benin, Mali and Cameroun, an annual global prosperity survey released […]

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    Falling Oil Prices A Concern For Algeria

    Bouri_NC_41_DP4_platform(1) By Ann Brown, 01:00pm

    From ABC News With oil prices at their lowest in five years and showing few signs of hitting bottom, Algeria is feeling the pinch. Though its problems are dwarfed by the impact on Russia for example, Algeria may have to rein back many of the policies it has held dear over many years. Generous subsidies, […]

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    Pre-Election Claims Of Fraud In Burundi

    index(26) By Ann Brown, 12:00pm

    From Voice of America Reports of beatings, intimidation and extortion in the tiny southeast African country of Burundi have raised fears of increasing political repression ahead of elections in May. Recently, the violence has calmed, but rights activists, journalists and political opponents of the ruling party claim it has been replaced with electoral fraud. Burundi’s […]

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    Zimbabwe Issues New Coins For Christmas

    index(23) By Ann Brown, 11:00am

    From BBC Special coins issued by Zimbabwe’s central bank have gone into circulation in the run-up to Christmas. Zimbabwe abandoned its currency in 2009 due to hyperinflation and mainly uses the US dollar and South African rand. But with very few coins for these currencies in circulation, shoppers are given change in sweets or pens. […]

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    Guinea Tops Forbes’ List Of Worst Countries For Business

    index(22) By Ann Brown, 10:00am

    From Forbes The African continent has averaged 5 percent economic growth over the last decade with some countries reaching 7 percent annual rates. Rising commodity prices have benefited this resource-rich region with commodities like oil, gold and precious metals among the top exports. Poverty rates are down, while secondary education enrollments rose from 59 percent to 77 […]

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    UN’s Ban Ki-moon Visits Ebola-Hit West Africa

    images(8) By Ann Brown, 09:00am

    From UN United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that there is reason to be “cautiously optimistic” about defeating the Ebola crisis in West Africa, as he made a series of visits to countries most-affected by the unprecedented outbreak, which has sickened some 18,000 people and killed close to 7,000 others throughout the region. During a […]

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    The Impact Of Tourism On Kenya: Looking At Both Sides Of The Coin

    Wikipedia.org By Frank Mutulu, 04:30pm

    Tourism, like anything else, has an impact on Kenya – both directly and indirectly. But it’s a mixed bag when it comes to evaluating the impact of tourism dollars on the economy. As much as tourism helps the country and its citizens develop and thrive, there are negatives that must be considered.

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