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Infrastructure Gap Big Hindrance To LPG Acceptance In Africa

By Kamau Mbote, 05:10am AFKI Original

A large population in Africa, crippled by availability and a lack of affordable source of clean energy, are still using unsafe biomas to cook and light their houses at night despite the environmental degradation effects of the use of mainly wood fuel. Another large part of African households rely on heavily on kerosene powered stoves for cooking and lighting due to its ease to access and its affordability since most governments on the continent still subsidizing it. There are however efforts from various quarters including health ministries, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders in the petroleum sector to push for the increased use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as the main source of energy.

10 Conflicts That Have Politicized Football By Keren Mikva, 10:56am AFKI Original

In 1961, the South African football association was formally suspended from FIFA for its noncompliance with non-discriminatory regulations. The suspension stayed in place until 1976, when South Africa was formally expelled from FIFA following the Soweto uprising. It wasn’t until 1991 that a new multiracial South African Football Association was created, and was re-admitted to FIFA in the post-apartheid era. These 10 conflicts have politicized football, with the sport being used positively or negatively. Either way, they demonstrate the enormous impact of the game.

The Uninvited To The US-Africa Leaders Summit: Western Sahara

The President of the Saharawi Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz [Photo:] By Andrew Friedman, 03:36am AFKI Original

The failings of the Polisario are extremely well documented. As the above scholars noted they have been utterly unable to the Algerian refugee camps safe, stable and secure, have not held free and fair elections and have been tremendously opaque in their activities. However, there is an important additional factor in Abdelaziz’s exclusion from the upcoming summit. Old fashioned realpolitik.

African Entrepreneurs Slowly Waking Up To Intellectual Property Rights

thinkstock By Frank Mutulu, 05:01am AFKI Original

Kenyan artist JB Maina scored a $176,000 copyright infringement settlement from Safaricom. He argued that the telecom benefited by using his popular songs as callback tunes without his permission. The artist prevailed and showed other artists across the continent that knowing their intellectual property rights pays. Patent applications in Africa are few and far between. In 2012 South Africa had 608 patent applications. Kenya had 123. There were none in Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia or Mauritius. By comparison, the U.S. had 268,782 patent applications in 2012.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Poaching Business In Africa By Keren Mikva, 01:33pm AFKI Original

South Africa has gone to extremes to curb rhino poaching, including using spy planes and drones. In 2007, 13 rhinos were killed in South Africa. In 2012, the rhino death toll by poachers reached 630. Sophisticated rhino-poaching rings have begun using helicopters to spot rhinos and dart them with tranquilizers, forcing South African authorities to spend more to stop them. African countries face increasingly tech-savvy poaching operations and growing international demand for the illegal trade. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the poaching business in Africa.

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    New East Africa Focused Private Equity Fund Raises $50M

    Thinkstock By Kevin Mwanza, 10:56am

    Ascent Capital, a new Kenyan based private equity firm, has raised $50 million for investment in a couple of fast growing small and mid-sized firms across east Africa. David Owino, Ascent’s advisory services partner, said in statement seen by AFKInsider that over 70 percent of the amount raise for its first ever fund dabbed Ascent Rift Valley Fund was from both local and foreign commercial investors . He added that the PE firm, which has offices in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, will invest between $1 million and $9 million in 12 companies across the region.

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    10 African Films That Should Have Won Oscars By Mark Rausch, 10:27am

    “Hotel Rwanda” is a stunning depiction of the outbreak of the Rwandan genocide and real-life hero Paul Rusesebagina, a hotel owner who saved more than 1000 Tutsis from slaughter by hiding them in his hotel. Don Cheadle and Sophie Okonedo were nominated for Oscars, and both deserved to win. The film got beat out by “Million Dollar Baby” for the final prize — an equally great film. But as far as retelling a horrifying moment in world history, the boxer girl should have stepped aside. These classic films about Africa were critically acclaimed and have stood the test of time. They are 10 African films that should have won Oscars.

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    South Africa’s Basotho Blankets Attracts Attention In Global Fashion Circles By Kevin Mwanza, 08:20am

    Basotho blankets, a southern Africa winter mainstay, are winning some international attention in the fashion world. Lesotho-born designer Thabo Makhetha, who is 26 years old, makes a series of women’s capes and jackets from the blanket. Elle magazine’s editor for South Africa wore one of Ms. Makhetha’s designs, a black and white shoulder cape, to the Louis Vuitton Paris fashion week show this year. U.S.-based retailer Anthropologie has stocked the Basotho blanket. And a Cape Town boutique, run by New Yorker Sean Shuter, has started to design bomber jackets from the blankets.

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    Jumia Launches E-Market Platform For Local Entrepreneurs

    Jumia Nigeria
    By Kevin Mwanza, 07:55am

    Africa’s fastest growing e-commerce firm Jumia is using both front door delivery and pay-and-ship methods to try and entice new and skeptical customers, the firms managing director told CCTV Africa in an interview. Parinaz Firozi, Jumia’s managing director, said the company had this month launches a e-market model where local retailers can set up shop on line, which empowers local entrepreneurs to reach more customers while at the same time reducing Jumia’s operating costs.

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    Africa Loses $192B Annually In Profit Repatriation – Report

    taxes By Kevin Mwanza, 05:56am

    Africa loses over $192b each year through profit repatriation and tax dodging by foreign companies, a new report by like-minded continental civil society groups led by Health Poverty Action, and Curtis Research, a UK-based research firm, has indicated. The July 2014 report, “Honest Accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses” that was released last week, also indicates that the continent suffers a net loss of $58b a year compared to $30b it receives in aid from development partners.

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    South Africa Plans To Limit Foreign Land Ownership

    winelands By Kevin Mwanza, 05:37am

    South Africa plans a radical shake-up of its land policy to limit foreign ownership and could submit legislation to parliament by December, a government minister said on Wednesday. The proposal is part of a reform package sponsored by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) that includes the expropriation of land deemed to have been illegally acquired, a suggestion that could spook foreign investors.

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    Spotlight On South African Entrepreneur Judy Dlamini

    By Dana Sanchez, 05:28pm

    Doctor-turned-entrepreneur Judy Dlamini shows up on multiple lists of South Africa’s richest women, but she says she doesn’t belong there. A board member of JSE-listed companies, Dlamini talked to CNBCAfrica about finding work-life balance. “I don’t think you ever reach balance,” she said. “I think you prioritize. If you get your priorities right you are better able to be happy. We don’t chase wealth, I think. We chase happiness.” Dlamini’s advice to young women: “Invest in yourself. We always talk about degrees (higher education) but I do believe relationships are very important.”

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    South Africa Mobile Payment App Stands Out Amongst Pack

    By Makula Dunbar, 04:46pm

    Detected through a small scanner that is placed on top of the retailer’s register, FlickPay allows stores to access credit card or check card information via a custom QR code, created by the app. Aside from collecting loyalty rewards, the app’s geo-targeting capabilities provide coupons for users who are within a specific area.

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