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Can The International Criminal Court Bring Peace In CAR?

By Andrew Friedman, 06:19am AFKI Original

Catherine Samba-Panza is a much heralded leader with previous experience leading warring sides to peace within the Central African Republic. By referring the situation to the ICC in May and reiterating at the UNGA that she welcomes the participation of the international justice system, it is likely she has made a conscious decision that the ICC’s investigation will not harm the country’s eventual road to peace. Her request that soldiers from the CAR are able to play a greater role in stabilizing the country also shows that she understands that international actors do not always know what is best for domestic peace efforts. Hopefully the international community similarly realizes the importance of local participation and guidance, because without it there will be no lasting peace.

Will New Railroads Transform Africa’s Economic Landscape?

alluvium-journal.org By Anna B. Wroblewska, 06:41am AFKI Original

Railroad investment is taking off around the African continent, including a Chinese-financed $5.2 billion project linking Nairobi and Mombasa. The line will eventually link the port city with South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi. Nigeria, Tanzania, and other countries have also undertaken massive railroad expansion and rehabilitation projects in the past years in an effort to improve infrastructure and spur economic development.

UEFA Champions League Matchday 2 Roundup

en.wikipedia.org By Xolile Mpisane, 06:51am AFKI Original

Matchday Two of the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League group stage was completed on Wednesday night as the best sides in Europe continued their journey towards being crowned as the ultimate champions on the continent. While a number of African stars dominated the headlines after the first round of matches by banging in spectacular goals, the second round did not produce the same fireworks.

Africa Investors Diary: October Is A Busy Conference Month

Thinkstock By D.A. Barber, 03:22am AFKI Original

Investors will be flocking to Africa as well as London and Washington in October for not only African energy conferences, but conferences targeting the business sectors involved in financing, infrastructure, and the mining industry. Two conferences are worth noting right up front. The first is the 6th U.S.-Africa Infrastructure Conference (Washington, D.C., Oct. 7-8) sponsored by the Corporate Council on Africa.

Q&A: YALI Fellow Amadou “Chico” Cissoko Talks African Innovation

images(2) By Ann Brown, 03:51am AFKI Original

Guinea native, Amadou “Chico” Cissoko has an impressive resume. He has launched a successful business and leadership organization. And he was one of the chosen few selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders, the new flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a White House effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders.

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    Africa’s Uneven Health Care Becomes Easy Prey For Ebola

    thehealthsite.com By Kevin Mwanza, 08:06am

    Threatened by the possible spread of an Ebola epidemic which respects no borders, Africa is divided between a handful of countries equipped to withstand an outbreak and many more which would be devastated, experts say. While nations like Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa have well-equipped hospitals with specialist units and high-tech labs, vast expanses of the continent remain health care deserts.

  • Tech

    Seven New Start-Ups To Receive Funding From Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 06:05pm

    Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative has announced the next round of startups that will receive funding, technical support and mentorship.
    According to a statement the funds will help seven new startups fast-track their growth. In addition, Microsoft will connect grant winners with relevant partners to enable them to commercialise their solutions

  • tourism

    Who Are The Maasai?

    1349959522-in-pictures-maasai-people-in-kenya_1467608 By Frank Mutulu, 05:00pm

    Other than an acacia tree in a sunset backdrop, the most common icon of Africa is that of a Maasai. Images of tall and slender men, partially draped in distinctive red shawls, standing stork-like on one leg and supported by leaning on spears’ shafts. Their striking and exotic appearance may give the illusion that this community is completely free of the influence of the modern world. But the Maasai are perhaps the most “marketed” ethnic community in East Africa, and lie at the heart of Kenya’s tourist culture.

  • Business

    Mauritius Tries To Set Stage For Bollywood’s Investment

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 04:43pm

    Pitching itself as the gateway for Africa, the scenic Mauritius is looking to attract more Indian investments across diverse sectors, including education and deep sea mining segments. The island nation provides “liberalised investment procedures and ease of doing business” while film shooting is another area that offers benefits for Indian entities, according to Mauritius government officials.

  • Politics

    Tunisia Presidential Elections To Host 27 Candidates

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 02:20pm

    Twenty-seven candidates including officials who served under former dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali have signed up as candidates for Tunisia’s November 23 presidential election, the organising body said Tuesday. No fewer than 70 people originally filed applications to the Isie, which is organising the first presidential election since the January 2011 revolt forced Ben Ali to flee.

  • Features

    Nigeria’s Most-Watched Television Shows

    youtube.com By Mark Rausch, 12:47pm AFKI Original

    As of April of 2014, these are the 10 most watched television shows in the country of Nigeria, according to a Jobuka.com report. Of course, viewership stats change daily as people’s tastes are fickle, but this is as near-static of a gauging of Nigeria’s preferences towards TV viewing as can be thus far for 2014.

  • Features

    ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Chapel And Other Gorgeous Ethiopian Structures

    Wikipedia.org By Julia Austin, 12:19pm AFKI Original

    Once under Italian occupation, Ethiopia has many structures that look like they’re from the European renaissance, but with a large Islamic population, you also see a lot of mosques, palaces and structures that resemble forts. The inspiration for many adventure stories

  • tourism

    7 Nairobi-Area Getaways

Nairobi By Karen Elowitt, 11:00am

    Looking to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life in Nairobi? Why not take a day trip? The following easy getaways offer stunning views, exciting activities, and best of all, prices that won’t leave you hurting. Here are seven Nairobi-area getaways that are perfect for a day or overnight trip away from the bustling city.

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