Is Mugabe’s Chairmanship A Risk To The Future Of SADC?

By Andrew Friedman, 02:49am AFKI Original

Recent studies show the Africa rising narrative is more than just words, millions are still left in dire poverty. Additionally, of the 15 member states of the SADC, only four (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho) are considered “free” by Freedom House, meaning the community requires a great deal of good governance and human rights assistance. Mugabe’s economic track record does not lead to much hope regarding his ability to raise funds across the SADC that will make it an effective and self-funded body. His fiery rhetoric and international relationships do not lend themselves to the belief that he will be willing or able to raise foreign funds. This leaves only cutting programs, something Mugabe has alluded to, in a time where international and regional collaboration is vital for the SADC countries. In short, Mugabe’s ascension to the chairmanship is a genuine risk to the SADC’s future.

Q&A: Nigerian Born Ugo Mozie Makes It As America’s Hottest Stylists

mans By Ann Brown, 02:59am AFKI Original

Ever wonder why celebrities always look so well put together? They employ stylists to keep them looking fashionable. And one of the hottest stylist around is Ugo Mozie, a fashion stylist and creative director of Nigerian descent. One of his main clients is Chris Brown, but he has also worked with Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Sean “Diddy” Combs as well as for films such as Sex and the City 2.

AFKInsider at the Summit: Why American Companies Should Think Africa

By Makula Dunbar, 05:08pm AFKI Original

AFKInsider attended the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which took place earlier this month, August 4-6, in Washington D.C. Fifty African presidents and heads of state were invited to participate in discussions surrounding investment, business, security and other topics which affect U.S.-Africa relations. An outside event hosted by U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks and the Congressional Black Caucus titled “A Dialogue With African CEOs” targeted business and development. AFKInsider spoke with a few CEOs and leaders who reflected on the summit.

Bad, Iffy And Memorable Behavior At The 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

President Barack Obama signs a name plate at the conclusion of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., Aug. 6, 2014. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza By Keren Mikva, 11:17am AFKI Original

A now-running joke that Obama is Kenyan was revived during the summit, when a White House correspondent said Obama wanted a successful summit, given that “he’s from Kenya.” The reporter went on several minutes later to correct the mistake, saying, “I misspoke at the top before. It is obviously the president’s father who is from Kenya,” but the damage was done. Here are 10 instances of bad, unfortunate, or memorable behavior at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit held this month in Washington, D.C.

10 Tips On Business Etiquette In Eritrea By Julia Austin, 10:30am

Coffee shops are very popular meeting places in Eritrea, in fact being invited to coffee is considered an honor because it is a delicacy in Eritrea. Although coffee is grown in Eritrea, it isn’t a large industry. Making coffee, however, is a ceremony that has a history, tradition and life of its own. Be very gracious when meeting someone at a coffee shop. Doing business in Eritrea can be slow going because of the bureaucracy in place. Here are 10 tips on business etiquette in Eritrea that could help.

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    Geopolitics: Challenges Of East Africa’s Oil And Gas Boom, Part 1

    Oil-pipeline-in-South-Sudan-333x250 By D.A. Barber, 02:28am AFKI Original

    Initially there was a lot of exuberance over the big oil and gas finds in East Africa, but now the reality is setting in, along with the challenges. The discoveries are important regionally for their potential to hasten economic growth through investments in road, rail and other infrastructure. While individual countries pursue their own developments, the plan for the region as a whole is to better integrate its economies across borders to enable investor companies to compete and export natural resources. There is a geographic overlap of resources and infrastructure projects in the region, but this overlap compounds other challenges common in poorer regions where land ownership maps are sketchy. Total is drilling wells inside Uganda’s largest national park. CNOOC and Tullow are operating along the shores of Lake Albert. There is a possibility that Total will divest it’s holdings in Uganda that overlap into the national park.

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    What Africa Can Learn From Cape Verde’s Creative Economy

    african creative economy By Dana Sanchez, 04:24pm

    In the U.S. there are 40,000 movie theaters; India has 20,000; China 13,000; but Africa has less than 1,000 — 1 per million people, AllAfrica reports. With few exportable resources, Cape Verde is enabling its cultural assets to become a significant contributor to the country’s economy. The island nation is making it easier for artists and producers of creative goods to produce locally as well as for export, A culture bank was created in 2012 to provide seed money for small entrepreneurs and creators in Cape Verde.

  • Agriculture

    How Cloud Data, Micro Insurance Protect Small-Scale Farmers

    By Dana Sanchez, 03:30pm

    A German Kenyan pioneered an unconventional way to give African farmers a second chance at a growing season: a replanting guarantee, aka micro insurance. In this TED talk, Rose Goslinga shows how cloud data and micro insurance protect small-scale farmers whose crops fail due to too much or too little rain. Her team convinced a seed company to price the cost of insurance into every bag of seed. Farmers would text in a number and the insurance company would allocate them to a satellite pixel. “A satellite would then measure the rainfall for the next three weeks and if it didn’t rain we’d replace their seed,” she said.

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    Safaricom to Move Forward With yuMobile Acquisition

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 02:06pm

    Kenya’s biggest mobile network Safaricom is making progress in acquiring the infrastructure of smaller rival yuMobile. This is according to Safaricom chief executive officer (CEO) Bob Collymore speaking to ITWeb Africa about the planned acquisition.

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    Is South Africa’s AIDS Progress In Trouble?

    Thinkstock By Dana Sanchez, 01:40pm

    In 2008, AIDS in South Africa was out of control. Now the country is praised by world AIDS experts, NYTimes reports. But that progress is now in jeopardy. South Africa has 2.4 million people on antiretroviral drugs — far more than any other country, with 100,000 more being added each month. Few Americans or South Africans realize it, but South Africa owes much of its success to a single U.S. program. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or Pepfar, poured $3 billion-plus into South Africa for AIDS drugs, doctors, clinics and training.

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    AU Takes Over Al-Shabaab-Run Town in Somalia

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 01:12pm

    African Union and Somali government troops have seized a key town from militant group al-Shabab in southwestern Somalia. The AU force says the capture of Tiyeglow gives the Somali government full control of the Bakool region and prevents al-Shabab from extorting high fees from vehicles using a main road that cuts through the town.

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    Which African Presidents Have The Best Websites?

    Togo President Faure Gnassingbé By Dana Sanchez, 12:20pm

    The president of Togo, a tiny West African country of 6 million people, has the best presidential website in Africa out of 40 countries surveyed by Paris-based Jeune Afrique magazine. The survey criticized African presidents’ websites, saying many were dysfunctional and unsuitable as instruments of communication at such a level. Rwanda, the country ruled by one of the best-Tweeting presidents in the world (Paul Kagame), came in 17th place. The survey was based on criteria including links to social networks, multilingualism, the appearance of the site, ease of use, regular updates and the existence of a mobile app.

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    ECOWAS, Health Ministers to Hold Ebola Meetings in Ghana

    Thinkstock By Makula Dunbar, 10:44am

    Ghana is expected to host an extraordinary meeting of the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) Assembly of Health Ministers on the Ebola disease. The special meeting which will take place in Accra on August 28, 2014,will be preceded by health experts meeting at the same venue.

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