Kenya Tourism Board. Photo: Kenya Tourism Board. Photo: shminhe.comAFKI Original

East Africa, Bright Spot In 2016 In A Tough Economic Environment

Power Africa A 500 watt solar system in a rural village in Uganda powers a home. Photo by: Sameer Halai / SunFunder / USAID

Obama’s Power Africa Initiative Becomes Law

Q&A With Nigerian Tech Millionaire Abasiama Idaresit Photo: Digits/youtubeAFKI Original

How A Nigerian Tech Millionaire Turned $250 Into $6M

Chichi Maponya, newly appointed board member of 4AX. Photo: destinyconnect Chichi Maponya, newly appointed board member of 4AX. Photo: destinyconnect

4 Competitors That Want To Disrupt The Johannesburg Stock Exchange Monopoly

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi with African Presidents during the India-Africa Summit in Oct. 2015 (image: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi with African Presidents during the India-Africa Summit in Oct. 2015 (image: Original

8 Things You Need To Know About India-Africa Relations

Worst drought in 30 years hits Sout Africa   BBC News   YouTube  AFKI Original

8 Things You Should Know About South Africa’s Severe Drought

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  • Tourism

    The Muddy Heart Of Africa: A Travellers’ Guide To The Republic Of Congo

    gorilla-congo-world wildlife fund By Stuart Butler, 9:29 am

    The Congo has a magical allure for adventurous travellers. Its very name conjures up images of dense rainforests that stretch beyond the limits of human vision, gorillas and okapis, pygmies and sluggish rivers, dreadful roads and serious adventure. It has gone through more than its fair share of violent upheaval and political greed, but now its wild days of youth seem to be behind it and, with vastly improved infrastructure, some political stability and an increasing push for international tourists, the Congo is finally revealing its natural wonders to the wider world.

  • Features

    8 Top Fintech Solutions Changing How People Live In Africa By Lillian Mutiso, 8:22 am AFKI Original

    Africa has enjoyed great success in the economic sector, with the entry of financial technology solutions. Some fintech solutions have become key determinants of the rate at which some African economies are growing.Fintech refers to a group of companies that rely more on technology to conduct business, and services and products in the financial industry, as a major shift from the traditional way of service and product delivery.

  • Business

    Part I: The Ups & Downs Of Luxury Businesses In Africa

    Kenya luxury car market. Photo: By Maryanne Maina, 7:47 am

    It is estimated that the global luxury industry was worth $279.5 billion in 2015, with Africa’s luxury market accounting for about $4 billion of this, according to Euromonitor. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in African billionaires and millionaires who have driven luxury goods and services consumption on the continent with their demand for private jets, timepieces and other items. This has creates the need for more luxury goods and services in the continent

  • Education

    Opinion: Quest To Tear Down Statues Over Racism Is Intellectually Vapid

    A plastic paper bag hanging on Rhode's Statue in Cape Town (image: By Staff, 7:07 am

    John Lloyd says Statues erected to commemorate should remain to spur reflection, and criticism. In these eruptions of cultural warfare, the only guide is mutual commitment to understand – which can never end, if we retain liberal values. The late 19th century was a great age for putting up statues, and the early 21st, for pulling them down. As the states of the European empires gained their independence, the statues and other memorials of their colonial masters came to seem ridiculous.

  • Athletics

    Kenya Considers Pulling Out Of Rio Olympics Over Zika Virus

    An athletes village at the Rio Olympics  (image: By Kevin Mwanza, 6:40 am

    Kenya has said it might pull out of this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, if the current Zika virus outbreak is not contained before the global event, set for August. Kenya is the first nation to consider a possible a boycott over the virus. Other nations including Australia, New Zealand and Thailand have said they would understand if any of their athletes wished to withdraw from the games.

  • Tourism

    Our Favorite #Instagram Photos Of Zimbabwe By Joe Kennedy, 6:30 pm

    Zimbabwe is known for having some of the best wildlife and scenery in all of Africa. From Victoria Falls, to Mana Pools, to Hwange, there are plenty of world-class attractions to discover. October happens to be one of the best times to go to the country because of the dry weather, and these Instagrammers decided to make the best of it. Here are our favorite #Instagram photos from last October in Zimbabwe.

  • Agriculture

    Mugabe Plans 92nd Birthday Bash As He Appeals For Drought Disaster Aid

    Mugabe Plans $800K 92nd Birthday By Dana Sanchez, 5:35 pm

    Zimbabwe may have the greatest number of dams, rivers and similar water sources of all countries in Southern Africa, but some lie dormant or need rehabilitation, according to the U.N. The U.N. is getting ready to send more food aid to Zimbabwe, and is also demanding that Mugabe’s administration invest in irrigation. Mugabe’s planned birthday celebration is “disappointing given the level of starvation our people are going through,” said a voice for the opposition.

  • Business

    Could A Chinese Railway And A United East Africa Lead To U.S. Of Africa?

    Photo: By Dana Sanchez, 3:11 pm

    Without a coordinated geopolitical core to manage the region’s strategic infrastructure potential, China’s investments in East Africa might never become anything more than a few scraps of steel. The five-nation East African Community plans to transition into a formal federation. It won’t just be the gatekeeper of North-South trade in Africa, but of East-West trade between the Indian and Atlantic oceans, turning it into the continent’s most strategic geopolitical actor. This would allow it to control trade in all directions.

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