Nigeria, Africa’s Biggest Economy On Paper?

By D.A. Barber, 11:22am AFKI Original

Rebasing Nigeria’s GDP may be easier than changing investors’ perceptions when it comes to doing business in the country, experts say. “Just revising your GDP upward doesn’t mean that you are structurally more important as a location for investment, as a producer, as an exporter, as a trading partner, or a voice in the global economy,” said Peter M. Lewis, director of African Studies at Johns Hopkins University. The GDP rebasing makes Nigeria the world’s 26th-largest economy and raises its per capita income to $2,688, ranking it No. 121 in the world, up from No. 135.

Doing Business In Africa: Malawi

Malawis-President-Joyce-Banda By Jeffrey Cavanaugh, 09:55am AFKI Original

Malawi holds tremendous potential. It has a sound, legitimate, democratic government that is relatively corruption-free by African standards. Its resource base is underdeveloped. Wages are low and investment possibilities, cheap. Its business conditions are relatively benign and its location in an up-and-coming region of economic growth positions it well for the future.

AFKI Commodities Report: Palladium Hits New 31-month High On Supply Worries

Thinkstock By Lynda Davies, 03:58am AFKI Original

Both palladium and Brent crude were higher on escalating Russia-Ukraine tensions, while burgeoning domestic crude stocks weighed on U.S. oil prices.

10 Recipes Using The African Banana-Leaf Steaming Method

feastie.com By Julia Austin, 02:45am AFKI Original

In this recipe for split cow-pea patties, the banana leaves aren’t technically used for steaming — rather the patty “dough” is spread between two banana leaves like a quesadilla, and cooked on a grill. But the banana leaves still lend their unique flavor to this hearty, vegetarian entrée.

Our 10 Favorite Spring Lines From African Fashion Designers

afri-culture.com By Julia Austin, 08:48am AFKI Original

Suzaan Heyns (South African): This is not your traditional spring line, unless you spend your spring in foggy coastal towns. The clothing looks admittedly strict, but also fierce and creative at the same time. Colors are muted and lines are sharp but then there is the occasional theatrical addition, such as a hat made from a dozen toy birds or a Tim Burtonesque veil.

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    South Africa’s Local ‘Spaza’ Stores Can’t Compete Against Big Retail Shops

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    From Reuters In this corner of South Africa’s black township of Soweto, the biggest building used to be the Catholic church. Now it’s been overshadowed by a shopping center and business has only gotten worse for Grace, a 68-year-old shopowner. Like many proprietors of “spaza” shops – the informal stores that dot township corners – […]

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    Sub-Saharan Africa’s Hotel Industry Is Booming

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    From CNBC Africa Recent hotel developments in Africa indicate a divergence in activity as international firms move into the continent. According to Lagos-based consultancy W Hospitality Group’s 2013 survey, international and retail chains are signing more deals in sub-Saharan Africa than in North Africa. “We’ve been doing the survey for six years now and in […]

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    Ailing Algeria’s President Bouteflika Wins Fourth Term

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    From BBC Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has won a fourth term in office taking more than 81 percent of the vote, the interior minister has said. The 77-year-old leader, who suffered a stroke last year and rarely appears in public, cast his vote in a wheelchair in Thursday’s presidential election. He beat his five other […]

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    South Africa Plans To Legalize Rhino Horn Trade Despite Controversy

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    From CNBC Africa The South African government has been warned against legalizing rhino horn trade. “At the moment it is illegal to trade rhino products but the South African cabinet has indicated that it wants to change the legislation as an effort to curb the poaching spirit,” the managing director of Africa Finest Colin Bell […]

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    G7+ Group To Meet In Sierra Leone, June 2014

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    “The group of eighteen of the world’s fragile and conflict affected countries, which have come together to share experiences and encourage international actions to engage more effectively in support of state led transitions from fragility to agility will meet in Sierra Leone, June 2014,” said Dr. Kaifala Marah, Sierra Leone’s Finance and Economic Development Minister. […]

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    Tourism On The Rise In Lagos

    index(11) By Ann Brown, 10:00am

    From CNBC Africa                                   Lagos, Nigeria is ready to birth its tourism sector as its potential as a powerful economic driver has been realized. As part of the plan to develop the commercial capital of Nigeria’s tourism sector, the […]

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    Gunmen Capture Foreigners From Sudan Oilfield, Army Officials

    index(10) By Ann Brown, 09:00am

    From Business Standard Gunmen have kidnapped three workers including a Chinese and an Algerian from an oilfield in Sudan’s West Kordofan province, the army said. “Armed men yesterday attacked the Kanar field in West Kordofan and abducted three workers — a Sudanese, a Chinese and an Algerian,” spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad told AFP. He added […]

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    United States Sanctions Government Official And Others In Zimbabwe

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    The U.S. Treasury Department is sanctioning a Zimbabwean government official and others in Zimbabwe for allegedly undermining democracy in the southern African nation, reports State Journal. The department has sanctioned Tobaiwa Mudede, a well-known and prominent supporter of President Robert Mugabe. Mudede controls the roll of voters that has been alleged to be used by […]

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