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It’s A Go: U.S.-Africa Trade Gets Final Congressional Go-Ahead On AGOA

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Facebook Is Expanding With First African Office In Johannesburg

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Q&A: Local Entrepreneurs Could Be A Funding Source For African Startups

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs In Africa

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18 Jobs In Africa That Pay Women More Than Men

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    10-year Jail Term For Violating New South African Drone Rules

    A journalist uses a drone outside the Pretoria High Court March 17, 2014, during the Oscar Pistorius trial. Photo: Theana Breuge/Getty By Staff, 10:21 am

    South Africa’s new drone rules go into effect today, and violators could be looking at 10-year prison sentences for flying drones illegally. The South Africa Civil Aviation Authority, which enforces the rules, acknowledges that the rules were rushed out in order to meet “a growing demand to regulate this sector,” according to a report in Global Legal Post.

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    M&A Africa: South African Mobile Market Fears Monopoly In Vodacom-Neotel Merger

    160232989 Vodacom billboard in Johannesburg. Photo: Nadine Hutton/Bloomberg/Getty By Dana Sanchez, 9:59 am

    South Africa’s mobile services market fears a Vodacom-Neotel merger will create a monopoly, prevent competition, raise prices and change the industry. The merger includes unprecedented investment commitments that will improve telecommunications services in South Africa. Vodacom will also be expected to raise the value of shares held by BEE shareholders.

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    Radio, SMS More Effective Than Internet In East Africa Governance

    Getty By Staff, 8:23 am

    Radio and SMS are more effective than the Internet-enabled mobile applications in East Africa governance when it comes to engaging civil society and citizens, according to a new report. Radio listenership in Kenya covers over 90 percent of the population. Internet access, by contrast, reaches 64 percent.

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    15 Beautiful Pieces Of African Pottery

    moroccan pottery By Alexis Borochoff, 5:00 am

    One of the by-products of Africa’s many rich and diverse cultures is the wide array of pottery art. On a continent where machinery is largely absent for pottery-making, most artists work with their hands, giving the pottery personal touches — every culture has its own style and artistic perspective.

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    15 Reasons To Explore The Drakensberg

    Drakensberg National Park
Photo: By Becca Blond, 5:00 pm

    The Drakensberg region of South Africa is a dramatic land of sheer cliffs and jagged mountains, of green moss-like hills that seem to roll on forever, and giant skies full of puffy clouds. It’s also one of the best places in South Africa to stretch your limbs and relax. Here are 15 things to experience in the Drakensberg region.

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    Opinion: Africa’s Low-Carbon Revolution Could Democratize Energy

    Youtube/VOAvideo By Staff, 4:50 pm

    Some of Africa’s poorest people are paying some of the highest prices for energy. While the minority of Africans connected to national grids benefit from cheap, heavily subsidized electricity, the unconnected majority pays about $10 per kilowatt-hour in the form of charcoal, batteries, candles, and kerosene. An effective solution to this problem exists: solar-power technology. So why hasn’t solar taken off?

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    Bill Gates Doubling His Investment In Renewable Energy To $2B

    Bill Gates Youtube/Financial Times By Dana Sanchez, 3:36 pm

    Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates said there’s an urgent need for high-risk investments in renewable energy technology to avoid a climate-change catastrophe so he’s doubling his current investments in green energy to $2 billion. But Gates rejected the call to divest from fossil fuels, saying it would have little impact. Gates told FinancialTimes he has already invested in next-generation nuclear, battery storage and free air carbon capture.

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    12 Things You Didn’t Know About Remi Sonaiya

    Remi Sonaiya, By Keren Mikva, 11:07 am AFKI Original

    Remi Sonaiya knew her chances of winning the 2015 Nigerian presidential election were slim. Most voters going to the polling stations March 28 had just two names in mind: Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari. As Nigeria’s first-ever female presidential candidate, Sonaiya’s goal was to change the conversation in a country where politics have long been considered a man’s game. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about Remi Sonaiya and her Nigerian presidential bid.

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